True Love advice please?

Ive been friends with this guy for almost 8 years now. Ive dated a couple guys since ive known him but he hasnt. He has low self esteem because hes in a wheelchair and paralized from the waist down and doesnt feel comfy approaching girls. Anyways, halfway through our friendship he admitted to falling in love /w me. We live in seperate states but have visited each other over the years ALOT. We know each other inside and out, have laughed and cried together. I know his family well and he knows mine. I was his first girl since he was paralized thats hes been intimate with. Were both in our lower 30s but he had his accident right out of high school. I love this man with all my heart soul. I admitted to him after my last break up that I was falling in love with him too. So it was official a year and a half ago that we were dating and he was SO HAPPY because hes wanted to be /w me for so long Last year he lost a family member to cancer. He got very distant and one day told me that he found
someone else. This came out of no where and of course has devastated me because I want to spend the rest of my life with him. We are still in contact, we have phone sex still like once a week sometimes more. We have done that alot over the years when we werent able to see each other. Why do you think hes keeping me around if hes /w someone else? Do u think I have a chance down the line. He knows im in love with him, he knows i would drop everything to move there
Maybe a male could answer this, do you ever keep an ex around in case it doesnt work out /w your present one? Am i being put on the back burner in case? 🙁
p.s. only reason he left me was because he couldnt handle the distance and being away from me.
You never experienced a love like this then if you can say true love doesnt exist.

yes,Gwenith>>in your problem u must know two things(somebody you love)and (somebody you like)and the different between those two is>>infront of the person you love him,your heart beats farster,but infront of the person you like him,u get happy.Also infront of person u love him,u can’t say everthing in your mind and in the person u like him u can.The feeling of love start from the eyes and feeling of the(like)starting from the ears.So,if u stop liking a person u used to like,all u need to do is cover your ears.But if u try to close your eyes,love turns into a drop of tear and remains in your heart forever.

Are men and women similar or different?

Everything in my life has led to me believe they are very similar, and it is society that causes such huge differences. Of course, women and men have different genitalia, and men are natrually physically stronger than women (or more able to be).

But aside from that, there is little difference. There are assertive men and assertive women, sensitive men and sensitive women etcetcetc. The mass media publicises ideas of men as sporty, career-driven and into sex, beer, football, and women as obsessed with fashion, beauty and relationships.

I mean, how are blue and pink actually signifiers of gender? They mean nothing but what tradition has decided, and nor, I think, do the other qualities society gives men and women.

Just my two cents…

It is difficult to see what we would be like without the influence of societies. We have had somewhat different roles because of biological differences. The sex of a person is becoming less important than their mental abilities. I think it would be boring if we were all of the same sex. And there were were no differences. We are all human beings we are more alike than different.

Please can i have your advice on my relationship?Men’s opinions wanted?

So i’m 17 and my partner is 21, we live together and have an 11 month old daughter, and i’m 36 weeks pregnant with our second child. Our relationship has it’s ups and downs just like everyone else’s, but majority of the time our relationship is fantastic. My partner has always had a hard time trusting me though, i don’t know if he really believes that i have gone with someone else or that if he justs questions me to reassure himself that i wouldn’t do that. I have been loyal to him but he can’t help the way he is feeling. Is this something we can work on, will he learn to trust me ? it causes so many arguments and it’s so frustrating to know that if there was a way he could know that i only want him, there wouldn’t be any of these arguments. Also lately he’s been acting different, he’s been snappy, argumentative, when he does something for the baby he acts like he’s doing a chore rather than enjoying father daughter time with her like he used to, he’s completely different aswell when it comes to this pregnancy, there’s no emotion from him really, he seems unaffected by the fact we will be having another baby. We haven’t really been there for each other. I can’t understand why he is acting like this, i know he could be anxious because it won’t be long before we have another baby, or could it be that reality has hit him, and that things are going to get harder with two young children before they become easier,and that after thinking things through he’s decided this isn’t what he wants.
I know the only way i am going to find the answers to my questions is by asking him.
but i would really appreciate an outsiders advice.
Thanks for the first answer, Yes this is something i want for the rest of my life but only if we can work this out, i wouldn’t be stuck in a relationship that’s based on arguments and causes stress to the kids, me and him. My daughter and the baby on the way are obviously my priorities here. I do love him but i wouldn’t want my children to be brought up in an unhappy enviroment and i’m sure he wouldn’t either.
Just got to say thanks for all the answers, they were all great

Men always question whether or not she is cheating, I have been married for 18yrs and it is still a question that pops in my head from time to time.

I agree he may be questioning whether he is the right guy to take on the responsibility of two children. It is difficult at times. Get him to talk if he wont open up to you then seek help. I am sure he is talking to his friends(male and female) try to get them to talk to him and dont condem them. Know that men look at being a father differently than a woman. My children are my life, but I give them space to grow. He may need a little more personal time with you. Dont be afraid to be intimate with him, that doesnt mean just in bed either. the most intimate thing a couple can do is communicate with each other. You get in his head and let him in yours.

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ok i all ready posted this b4 and not one answer ! love advice, seeing man for?

3 years we were actually together for less then a year and we broke up but continued to see each other , we broke up because all we did was argue and every time we argued it some how or another was my fault no mater what it was i was in the wrong . and for awhile he wouldn’t make a commitment to me such as moving in w me or more well any ways last nite we got in to an argument becuz i have a myspace page witch is ridicules because were not even together and he has no right to be tripping on me like that .im really at the point ware im about to cut him loose ,granted he is there for me when i need him and hes good with my kids but he is really immature and does stuff that drive me crazy like mock me or switch my words around when im talking , like if i say something say for instance i wanna go to the movies he copy me and say bla blana blo do bovies or something stupid like that and really gets on my nerves and when i get mad he’ll be like calm down and tell me im up tight or some more **** . i dont know what to do . i tried talking to him and his excuse is that he ben that way forever so why should he change . he gets on my god dam nerves . one more example is one time when i was leaving his house he said get out of here hoodrat i got really mad he says hes playing around and could not get why i was mad it turned into a big arguement and it was my fault according to him .. someone give me some input please
wow !!!!! ok answers comunity no need to be rude

Why are you waisting your time with this man? you have kids to think of,to give them and yourself a happy life.You need to close one door before you can open another.Do yourself and the kids a favor and close the door for a better one to open.If you don’t close it, another wont open.

Why do girls try to hook up with men in relationships?

Do you think its because of the chase? You always want what you cant have?

Is it because women think men in relationships are a "good catch" and therefore try to become better than their current girlfriend?

Is it more fun for women to persue men that are taken?

Let me know what you think!!

i would say : its because most people want what they cant have.
Its just the human nature i guess.

Like for instance ( i just watched this movie ) he’s just not that into you, and this guy saw a pretty girl, but he was married. So he ended up cheating on his wife. But he still loved her… she left him.

he ended up loosing everything. So in the end , its just better to stay with the person you Love, because most-likely the person thats wants you, is just lust.

interesting question 🙂

a man relationship question.plzz answerr men need advice?

well ive been going out with my girlfriend for acouple of months now and things are good and we like each other alot but im a person who is paranoid and doesnt know how to trust. but she trusts me tho. i wana know how can i trust her more how can i be more confident that she isnt gona be doing sumthin behind my back. and also how othen do u think i shuld see my girlfriend, is chillening wit her ofthen not good.

Has she given you a reason not to trust her? If not, then let it go. You can’t live paranoid about her cheating on you. That will make your relationship a lot less enjoyable for both of you. You can see her as often as you want. Some people like to see each other every day, others don’t. It depends on what you both feel is appropriate

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