I’m in love with 2 men ??? I need advice….?

I have been in a relationship for 10 years and love my man very much.
And then, I worked at a company and got to know my employer real well. He was so nice and funny and we had a lot in common (which is unusual due to our age difference)
I then left this employment for a few reasons but mostly because I developed strong feelings for him. It became very difficult for me to face him everyday. He’s also married with children.

I visited him one day and we got talking and then I revealed my feelings to him. He seemed amazed that I felt that way. We then began to talk on the phone, even had lunch together. He’s was very attracted to me BUT he said that he’s AFRAID to fall in love with me.
We promised to keep the situation between the 2 of us (to avoid rumors), and he then exposes our situation to a gossipy co-worker.
I was very angry and contacted him about it.
He said that he was AFRAID to be around me and that we shouldn’t have any more contact… ever.

What does this mean? Please Help!

It means, he doesn’t want to get in trouble. Sounds like he likes you and he might do something that he’ll regret if he’s near you He doesn’t want to get into a relationship with you because he is a married man. Him exposing your situation to a co-work could be just needing advise. He doesn’t want to put himself in a situation where you and him get into this affair, and then he’ll get caught by his wife and then there goes the marriage, next comes divorce, lose half of everything he owns , child support and alimony etc…or he doesn’t want to lead you on and then turns into some FATAL ATTRACTION kind of thing (not saying you’re that kind of peron). Anyways, you’re in a relationship with a single man that you love, why blow it? Stay away from him, that’s what he asked, right?

Good Luck

Why do women need more phone communication than men in relationships?

Why is it that women need more contact like texting or constant phone calls throughout the day and guys seem to be more laid back with the phone convos?

I’m not trying to generalize. I just noticed that men and women don’t always need the same things from a relationship.

I’m writing a paper for a class and was just wondering what others were thinking..

women like to gossips. Men don’t. Women like to moan about things. men don’t. Women like to get things done like help with childcare, picking up some things for them, something like that. Men don’t. Men are straightforward and don’;t have extra responsibilities that women have. Just like men goes to work and earn dosh while women multitask housework, looking after children, food shopping and studying at the same time. It’s similar. Men don’t have worries except money and sex. Women worry about everything!! Women take longer in bathrooms becos they are on the phones as well, yeah doing no 2!! lol Men just go in and come out! Good luck with your paperwork! Psst, don;t tell them i told ya!

relationship advice from men please?

I have been seeing this guy who id out the country at the moment,
He is gone for a month, he has been busy with work and didnt contact me for three days then got on messenger for a chat seemed fine with me but was exhausted having worked 10 days straight without a day off and worked 12 hour day
he isnt working now his contract finished he is in the process of moving country to live here, i havent heard from him in 4 days now, my question is would it be plausable for him to not get in contact now till he moves over to the Uk permanetly cause he has nothing to say cause he will see me in 2 weeks or should I think that maybe he is losing interest

2 weeks ago the day he left he told me that he thought I was amazing and thought he had hit the jackpot, so guys, is this just a case of female neurocis on my part cause he is probably busy packing sorting flights etc. or is he losing interest

id be really keen to hear male thoughts on this
we had only been on 4 dates when he left

Yes, just a case of female neurosis…I think..
Have patience…He may be busy with his work or something else…..you have not told how long you were knowing him, since he left for other country……….Even if we want to contact our family members, we could not, due to some circumstances…If you both are in love, no need to worry…..he will come back to you.

Divorce Advice For Men – Dont Let Her Rip You Off!

Divorce advice for men!


There are only few times in a man’s life that he will actually seek for help, getting divorced is probably the only time he really should get all the advice and help he can get. Otherwise he may end up donating his possessions to his wife and some divorce lawyer. So all the divorce advices and secrets should be put to use to avoid this from happening.

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Relationship & Dating Advice : What Women Want in Men

Women want a man who adores them, who knows how to treat a woman like a lady and who cares about feelings. Find out why women love confidence with tips from a life and relationship coach in this free video on dating advice.

Expert: Donna Barnes
Contact: www.NYDatingCoach.com
Bio: Donna Barnes is a New York University-certified life and relationship coach for NYDatingCoach.com.
Filmmaker: Paul Muller

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In love with 2 men what to do, and say advice?

O.k. Here’s da story… Im in love with 2 men completley and totally .Here’s how this happened. One is my husband who i have bf with since middle school we was married a little over a year when i left him and started filiing for divorce because of all the fighting and he got me arrested for his "bad habits" wrong place wrong time kinda thing we both have pending charges now and he wouldnt keep a job so when i was filing for divorce me and my ex whom i have been bf with for a while bout 4 -5 yrs now and i am comepley in love with him to and i guess my husband now wants me back hes got a good steady job and hes showing hes trying and i went to church and prayed for peace before me and my husband started talking again for peace about the divorce and i end up n this situation. HELP! what to do i love my bf and my *seperated* husband and i don’t know what to say and advice i dont know what my heart tells me but i love them both ..Advice. and what to say to the one man who get "unlucky" how to tell him with out hurting him.HELP!

Good grief…you just confused the heck out of me!

About Libra men and relationships with one?

How do you know if a Libra man is really into you. Not a Libra boy, but a man. If you continually put him off, but once in a while meet up with him, does this reinforce his thoughts of you. Will he become almost like a stalker to see you. Will he change some of his ways, to please you, to be with you. Just tell me your experiences with a Libra man.
Any Libra men and Aries female relationships. How did they go.

If we don’t like somebody, we tend to ignore them. If we can’t ignore them due to professional purposes or whatever, we’ll act considerate on a business level but still keep pretty distant personally and act somewhat passive-aggressive. If we initiate or maintain contact with someone, it usually means we’re interested.

Good relationship advice from men and woman please!!!?

I asked a Q about this guy that I wanted to date a while back, I got some great answers. Now we have been dating for a short while(3dates). I think that he likes me a lot, we haven’t done the deed, but other stuff yes. I want to know what you guys think of this thing he said. he said I’m the sort of guy who likes to take things 1 day at a time. does this mean he donsn’t know if he still wants to date me say 1 month from now cos he does’t know what tomorrow brings??. I don’t know if he wants anything serious cos when I ask he says I take things 1 day at a time. I don’t want to have a deep conversation cost we have only been going out 3 times and and don’t want to freak him out. He texts me every other day, that must be a good sign right. He keeps telling me that i’m hot and sexy, would that mean he’s only interested in that??. Please help all answers will be appreciated. (I’m 27 he is 29).

hmm well one day at a time, usually not always means i don’t want to commit to much of anything. Im fine now but tomorrow may be different. Before you do the deed wait and see where this leads to.

Talk to Me Like I’m Someone You Love with Nancy Dreyfus

If you’ve ever found yourself in an argument with your spouse with little idea what youre arguing about; or in the uncomfortable position of knowing you overreacted to something but without the right words to get you and your partner back to normal, then psychotherapist and author Nancy Dreyfus has a tool that can help: TALK TO ME LIKE IM SOMEONE YOU LOVE.

In her book and in this segment, Dreyfus shows couples how they can transform moments of anger and disconnect into moments of trust, love and intimacy by using written messages. Dreyfus stumbled upon this revolutionary method while overseeing a particularly heated couples therapy session, and here she shares why and how it works.

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Dating Advice on the Importance of Looks for Men

Dating expert Nick Savoy, consultant to the VH1 show The Pick-up Artist, explains the importance of looks for dating women.

If you want to find out more on picking up women, dating, and seduction please visit http://www.lovesystems.com/

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