Advice On Men

What men want more than a pretty face or
teeny waist is to be ADMIRED by their partner.

What it means: Many women believe men have an affair
with the ‘secretary’ because she’s hot, young or has some
‘physical’ attribute she lacks.

The truth is most men that have affairs are CRAVING

At home, many men feel nagged.

At the office, they are the ‘hero’.

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Relationship & Dating Advice : Why Some Men Cheat

Some men cheat in relationships because they’re not getting something they want at home. Talk to a man if you expect him of cheating with tips from a life and relationship coach in this free video on dating advice.

Expert: Donna Barnes
Bio: Donna Barnes is a professional life coach, relationship expert, television host, author, columnist and producer, based in New York City.
Filmmaker: Paul Muller

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I need unbiased advice: I love a man who has a pattern of making mistakes, where do you draw the line?

He never crosses the line, just boarders it…it seems like there are a lot of ‘grey’ areas. He knows the deal breakers, cheating etc. but that is not what I’m worried about. It’s those iffy areas. Things that he thinks are ok but I do not. I think most people would side with me in our arguments…for instance, he was d-r-u-n-k and kissed one of our mutal friends on the lips infront of me. She felt akward. I was ticked to say the least. He stands firm that he did nothing wrong. He didn’t stick his toung down her throat…I left.

If he really loved you, he wouldn’t want you to feel insecure at all. He wouldn’t keep trying to push the envelope. Kissing your friend is out of line. What’s worse is, he can’t take responsibility for it!

I say, lose him. Find someone who will respect you more than this.

Do you feel differently about older women and younger men relationships from older men and younger women relat

A relationship between two people is simply a relationship. Age, sex, religion, race, etc. shouldn’t dictate the boundaries of a relationship.

Why do women bull$hit on advice to men?

Like the whole "wait for the right one to come" or " you will find a the perfect girl for you" none of this stuff makes sense and yet I have yet to get an honest answer from any woman about the dating scene. I mean I find it easier to bang girls and not find a relationship worth keeping…Should i never ask women for any relationship advice?

Maybe you are asking the wrong women for advice. Best woman available to ask would be your mother. If mom is not available, start surrounding yourself with intelligent, well grounded and driven women…never know it could be the type of women that you are looking for or better yet that you need.

Relationship Saver: Are Men and Women Like Dogs

The Relationship Saver gives advice and help on relationships.

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Advice for Men: How To Give A Woman Great Oral Sex!
Shay Your Date Diva shares her advice with the Boos on how to give their woman great oral sex and make her keep coming back for more. Follow SYDD on

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I’m n love with a married man, Advice please?

I am in love with a married man and no he has not cheated on his wife with me nor have we had any intentions or talked in a sexual or relationship way. It all started when we where young 10-11 years old he came with my brother from america to china to visit with him and spend the summer here(yes he is american and white that doesn’t matter to me). While he was down here i got to know him very well and he actually one day stopped me from being raped and saved my life all at the same time. From that day i became entranced with him he sat along my bed side all night as i cried and shivered in fear and he just silently sat there not saying any thing or doing any thing just there. Threw that summer we hung out allot and he became a really good friend and i wanted it to be more but we both knew he had to go back to america after the summer was up he also treated me in a way like a sister (very frustrating when you love some one). So when he want back we kept in contact emailed each other at least once a week and he has always sent me a birthday gift. We have visited each other threw out the years when possible. then about 4 years ago i got married and it ended up being to an abusive man and he got married about 5 months later. Well i got divorced about 1 year ago and he is still married and we still talk. But i can’t see loving any one else but him we are both close to our thirties now and his marrige is in a rough spot and i seceritly wish he would divorce her so that i can try and get him. He has a daughter and he just adores him i want that type of man. Every man i find doesn’t even come close to the type of man his is no one is as great of a person and i can’t see loving any one else. i Send him a long email about 3 days ago telling him how i felt and he said this in responce. I love you but i am married now i will always love you as family but as for right now i am married and have a daughter i can’t just walk away from this"
I understand his point but i can’t help loveing him and if i could i would clone him so that he can stay married and i can have the copy to keep all to my self. I can’t ecplaine why i love this man so much nor can i just forget about him he feels like the one, my body mind and soul long for him but he isn’t advailable. We will always be good friends and i wont try and mess up or interfear with his marrige i am not that type of woman. Any advice on how to get over him or get to the point not every man has to stack up to him i can just be happy with a good man?
thank you for your advice

I think you are confused your feelings towards him. Like you said he was there when you needed him and your own marriage was unsuccessful, so you want him because he probably the only who you feel safe and loved to be with.

I think you need to move beyond your past (of course easy for me to say this, but I know it’s not so easy). You want to find a guy who loves and cares. Just open your heart. If you keep compare everyone with him, then you will end up marry to a dream.

How can I become ruthless and heartless when it comes to men and relationships?

When it comes to the men I become involved with recently I have become a softy… letting them come and go as they please and walk rite over me. Pull me this way and that way. In and out of insecure relationships. How do I become a heartless and ruthless bytch? I think Im too pretty to be treated liked this and I need to find my old ruthless inner self. Can u help me??

I’m dealing with the same problem. Many peple tell me that I’m just too nice and it is seen as a weakness so people automatically try to take advantage of me. Also people tell me that I need to know how to say no and MEAN IT!! There’s no maybe when it comes to guys. I simply need to grow a backbone and put my foot down. I agree with them. I’m tired of being walked upon or having guys treat me any way they chose. But after my most recent breakup and being heartbroken and devastated after he DUMPED ME when I had full rights to kick him in the a-s-s for his treatment and actions, my inner biatch started to shine through. I’ll admit during the summer I cussed a lot of guys and was a complete wretch but after a while I realized that I still wasn’t happy and just because someone’s hurt me doesn’t mean that I have to punish others for their actions. So I cooled down a bit lol. But it’s not all about being a biatch. It’s about being confident and knowing what YOU want. I would simply say not to get too attached to guys and just weed through the sea of trash. CUZ TRUST ME THERE’S A LOT. And do not, I repeat, do not let any guy know EVERYTHING about you or your past. They only use it against you (i went through it). Men can be dogs. You have to play them at their own game and be one step ahead of them. Be very observant of them and don’t be afraid to instantly send them packing . There’s no need to waste time with pieces of s-h-i-t. And make sure show them that you’re independent and you can do fine on your own.


am 42 and have recently been dating a man who is 54. He is divorced. We are both "free" He has done thiings that show he is concerned about my welfare and everything, but he seems distant. Not as open or romantic as I would like. I think he is also a little shy. He has older man problems in bed and I am worried that that is bothering him. He is always mindful that I have a good time so to speak so thats not a problem. I just feel bad for him. Any advice on how I can get him to be more relaxed and open up to me? What does an older man really want in bed? I know he wants to be more adventurous- but we are still new together. I think he is great and a keeper, don’t wanna lose him so what do you think?
I’m sorry I can’t IM with yahoo.

by what your saying it seems he’s uncomfortable with his size and disorder. if you really care for him tell him that. most of the time when men feel like that they tend to close up in fear that the woman there with will scorn and dump them for that. if you love him tell him not to worry. and no im not 40. im 15. so i dont know if youll count my asnwer