Tips to a happy marriage – Men often complain that their wives seem uninterested in sex, or that they seem to be doing it out of obligation. But women know thats not usually the case. We DO like sex, and we DO want to please our men. Its just that women and men often have very different ideas about what constitutes great sex. Learn these 7 useful tips to please your husband in bed, all leading up to a happy marriage for both yourself and your spouse!

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Dating Advice: How do I know if a guy likes me?

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“There is this guy who always hugs me…
What do you think it means?

“Is this a normal thing for friends to do or do you think he likes me?”

– A in Chicago

Totally normal. I do that with my friends all the time. My friend George loves when I wrap my arms around him and squeeze him tightly in my man-bosom!


Um, no. Guys try to…

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I shouldn’t text this guy again…Right?? Men would love your advice?

Dated this guy for a month. Both 30. It’s been casual, just getting to know each other. He was a bit flakey about plans but I gave him a chance b/c he seemed like a nice guy. He told me a couple wks ago that he thought I wasn’t interested in him b/c I never initiated getting together. I told him I liked to follow a man’s lead, to see how things progress. We hung out last Sat. over a wk ago now and had lunch. He told me to text him later that night if I was around. I orig had plans, but they got canceled so I texted him later that night that my plans friend canceled and if he felt like hanging out to let me know. He never responded.. And I haven’t heard from him since. Should I assume he’s over it? Strange b/c he seemed interested. Could he be waiting on me to reach out again? I haven’t b/c I don’t want to seem needy, esp. since he never responded to my last text.. Any ideas??

Call him, show some interest. When texting much of the message you are trying to send him is lost; there is no voice to hear, no intonation, no verbal cues. Try calling, he will be glad to hear from you. We men have no idea what you ladies are thinking.

Have you considered that sometimes a text just never arrives?

How To Get A Social Life And Make Friends Without Rejection!

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Often subscribers and clients ask me: “I want to get more dates and overcome my shyness around beautiful women, but I hardly go out these days and I don’t really have a social life…where should I start?”
My advice: Start with a social life, start with meeting people…loads of people, ideally people who have something in common with you…in other words…flex your social muscles.
But often shy men don’t know how to start because it might mean initiating contact, meeting new people…and that can seem hard after years of “reclusive habits”…But now it’s easy!
If you follow the simple strategy I describe in this video you can literally fill every day of your week with a fun social event you are likely to have a good time on and meet loads of people including women!
This is the easiest first step ever and you should take it right now even if you’re not on the shy side! Get more info by clicking on the link above and please subscribe to more videos by hitting the orange “SUBSCRIBE” button…

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Dating Tips for Guys : How to Impress a Girl

The best way for guys to impress girls is by being themselves and asking about a woman’s interests. Impress a girl without the use of money with tips from a dating author in this free video on relationship advice.

Expert: Dr. Paul Vehorn
Bio: Dr. Paul Vehorn has been a nationwide talk show host on Sun Radio Network and, and he has a Ph.D. in behavioral psychology.
Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz

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Why do black women hate interracial relationships involving black men and white women? (read details)?

I don’t get it. Some African American women claim to hate black men; but then tend to have a problem when it comes to interracial relationships involving black men. I’d imagine that if you resent someone, you should have no disregard or interest in what they do. This applies to most unattractive black women. I have noticed that the attractive ones usually just don’t date black men as a whole; due to some social status or superiority complex they think they have to obtain, from other races. Normally, white men. I’ve also noticed dating for black women, goes by level of attraction. If you are attractive, usually you date white men. If you are unattractive, you usually date black men. So why is it, that black women have a problem with black men in interracial relationships? It can’t be that black men are their only options, because a lot of black women date white men. It also can’t be because of jealousy, considering unattractive black women, pull the most attractive black men. So I am very discombobulated. Why exactly do they mind interracial relationships, if they win both ways?
Yes, I am black; but I talk about things, in the exact. Meaning, how it is, is how its portrayed. Nothing I said was offensive, it was all true. Sorry if I did offend someone; but chances are, the only way for it to offend you is if it applied to you.
You are right. I don’t need to be offended to recognize idiocy. Is that why I’m not offended and am talking to an idiot?(you). I find it very funny, how people like you have time, to rant on what others say. To me the real troll is you. If you don’t have anything good to say, please don’t answer. I’m not a friend of yours, so don’t mistake my kindness for weakness. please don’t. for the good of you. I am so different than what I am online. You will be quickly disilliusioned. With that being said, I am still crious in regards to your compliment which stated; something along the liens of not being black. Please clarify. Thank you.

Many of my friends who are black tell me that they see white women taking the black men away from black women. My neighbor (black) told me that white women are easier to control and will take the crap that many black women will not. Another black friend who is female told me that she will not date a white person because she feels that it degrades both races. Many blacks see interracial marriage as "sleeping the master" because it goes back to the days of slavery when this did happen. It really does not matter the color of some person’s skin, it is if the two in the relationship truly love each other.

Ten Things Women Do That Drive Men Away! – PART ONE

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Dating Tips for Guys: A Woman’s Perspective : How to Be More Than Friends

Being more than friends with a girl you like can be the start of romance, but make the move when she is not vulnerable. Become more than friends with that girl who holds your heart with advice from a female dating coach in this free video on dating tips for guys.

Expert: Jessica Claire
Bio: Jessica Claire is the host of her own midnight hour talk radio show, where she gives advice on dating.
Filmmaker: Paul Muller

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i need some advice..i really love this man?

my bf and i are very in love with each other. we have been together for a while but now we are starting to realize we have some differences between us. he wants to live out in the country on a farm..whereas i like the city life. however…i have always wanted a house far away from everything. i dont want to live on a farm and he knows that..however i don’t mind if we have some animals.
i would love a beautiful house in a little bit away from the town. he has this impression that i want to be in a neighborhood right by the city..when that is not true.
he also thinks i only love him because he treats me well. i love him for who he is and because he has a great heart. yes, treating me well does help, but that’s not the only reason i love him. he said that since i have been through bad realationships..the reason i fell in love was because he treated me better. but why would i be with someone who treated me badly even if i did love him?
we talk about marriage all the time..and he seems to think that we have too many differences. however, i told him that’s what marriage is come to compromises on the differences and you make sacrifices.
we always have fun together and make each other happy and we love each other so idk what the problem is. yes we have differences..but why walk away when we are happy and are in love?
what should i tell him? i need some help.
also..he seems to think im not happy when we just sit around and watch tv or something. when i was with my ex all i ever wanted was for him to hold me and cuddle on the couch with me..but my ex always had to be doing something out and it kinda trained me to be that way. when deep down i want to just be able to stay in with my bf and hold each other while watching tv.
i know the person i really am, and my ex turned me into someone else and its almost as if i put up a wall when my current bf comes around. how can i have more self control so i can get back to the way i used to be where i was truly happy just cuddling with the man of my dreams.
im also 21 i like going out dancing and drinking with my friends..he told me he goes because he knows it makes me happy and it breaks his heart when he wont take me out because he thinks it makes me sad. however in the end im happy he’s the one im with so i would accept just staying in with him. he just doesn’t understand.

sounds confusing!
He sounds like a scriptwriter!
You should be able to do what you want with out him manipulating you!
I don’t know about him, but if you love him, he needs to get out of his box and take a look around, I would say that he is too set in his ways of thinking you are one way, when you are really not!
If you haven’t spoken with him yet, I would suggest it!
Also se what your friends think about him, just by what you say he sounds like he could potentially be bad news…

Black Marriage/ Be A Man…. And Stop Cheating!/ B Intentional/ Black Love

All Black Men Do Not Cheat!!!! However…for the men who do I challenge you to step up to the plate and be a real man and act responsibly in your relationship by showing commitment, integrity, love, patience, and discipline. It’s time to get grown….It’s time to give your woman all the loving she deserves.

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