Do black men + white women relationships tend to be more superficial?

Do you think that a black man’s love for white women fuels his relationship? Or do you think his hate towards black women fuel the relationship? Do they enter relationships with white women because sex is "easy"? Or because they genuinely love their personalities? Can it be deemed anymore superficial than black women + white men relationships?
I hear these questions challenged a lot, and I just want to get some honest opinions 😉

Whatcha think?
I’m not making generalizations. I’m asking questions that warrant yes or no answers 😉
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I think you won’t be getting best answer 😉

Well I think to a certain degree it’s superficial then after a while you get to see the personalities of the person, get to know the person how they really are, then you chose if you want to stay in the relationship, but at first I think everything is superficial. I mean you look at a girl or guy in the street or what they have and then it’s superficial. once you get to know the person then it becomes less superfical, more concrete. I’m latino and I have had several white girlfriends and I liked how they look but afterwards just having white or black skin color wasn’t enough, it’s how she/he takes care of herself/himself physically, her/his personality, how she/he treats you and if your in love.
I’m not with them anymore because eventhough I liked them superficially it wasn’t enough to sustain the relationship if your not in love overall with the person and all that makes them perfect and imperfect then it may not last.

How are capricorn men in relationships and in love?

if they like a person, do they go after them with full force?

Most Capricorn men will stop at nothinjg to get what they want/need. Generally very responsible, a Capricorn is there for you when you need them. They require order and generally have your back no matter what.
With Capricorn, there is an ancient sadness carried around- usually in the subconcious. It leads many capricorns to think they are depressive or they can never "get it right," and tend to be really hard on themselves. Make sure to point out to this Capricorn all of the GOOD thinkgs about him- often he won’t be able to se it for himself.
As Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, there is the influence of something "bigger than themselves" always looming, a feeling that i have seen many Capricorns grapple with. Since they often want clear, concise information with no BS, all matters mystical or outside of their control can confound them to the point of frustration.
Capricorns that have the "why meeeeeee" syndrome will often benefit from empathy and are quite receptive to advice even though they already have a decision formed in their strong willed brains.
Caps are very serious and responsible, so if a Cap man has you in his crosshairs, prepare to be courted!
I wouldn’t base anything re: relationships on astrology- if you feel it, go for it is my motto. The insight can be helpful though, and I wish for you nothing but the best.

WHY do WOMEN go after men in relationships?

Whenver I’m in a relationship women are all over me. Female friends and friends of my gf.

THEN when I’m single again – these SAME women stop trying to get me into bed . WHY is this?

Of course I take full advantage of the situation and hit it anyway. Hey, if they’re handing it out I may as well take it right?

But WHY do women throw themselves at men in relatiosnhips? Is it competition with other females?

In our western culture, it is the woman who chooses the man…not the other way around.
Unless we show interest in you, make it easy for you to approach us and talk to us, you will not get anywhere. We make it easy for the men we are interested in.
When the interest flags, we back away and move on.

Poll: What happened to white women black men relationships?

They used to be the biggest interracial couple. But now its white men asian women by far and theyre second. So better yet whats with white men and asian women?

If you ask me it seems like they are saying to themselves who can copy who more. Why is it there are these in style relationships? How come people cannot just love who they love and stop trying to be the most popular couple type???

what fits my personality better…Vlogging or Beauty Advice (men/women)? or both?

So I have a youtube channel and I have been doing mostly beauty advice videos but for some reason I have been getting a lot of emails from men and women asking random questions about love advice, relationship advice, beauty advice, personal care advice, self improvement advice…and also requesting me to do more vlogging….I’m confused what should I focus on?? Please help with your opiniong.

my youtube channel link is:

thank you!

You better do both

Relationship Advice! MEN, please help!?


There’s this guy that I used to like. He used to stare, make jokes, and flirt with me often.
When he was doing these things that suggested to me that he liked me; I found out he had a girlfriend. A long-term one at that. So I immediately forced myself from liking him and ended the little ‘crush’ I had, if he flirted with me while he had a girlfriend then why couldn’t he do the same if I was was his girl right?

So, lately he broke up with his girlfriend and he told my friend that he liked me but was scared to approach me.

NOW, MY QUESTION IS… Is it wrong for me to go into a relationship with him? I would not like him to flirt with other girls how he flirted with me, when had a girl, so I guess I shouldn’t ‘revamp’ my feelings? Should I?

As you guys can see, I’m a little confused on what to do,

I need a males perspective!

Thanks for answering in advance,
Much Love x

Go for it. See what he’s really like and work it from there.

Advice for women about men for once what do you think?

Now ive read countless articles about how men should date women and how to be successful with women. However, ive not seen as much about advice on how women get the best out of potential relationships with men. And ive had countless women ask me what best to do to keep a man so to speak. So i decided to give my own bullets point if you like on this particular subject so hears goes and hope its a little useful single ladies.

(1) I think its the obvious try not to just give it up! sex i mean on a first date. Not all men are the same but chances are he will see you as to easy and something to blag to his friend over the next morning rather than serious relationship material. And also try and make your sexuality mean something if the relationship does take off, just in case he takes you for granted and thinks he can have it anytime.

(2) Id say its good to dress nicely on dates and in relationships, but don’t go over the top! If you look like a page 3 girl chances are he will like you as a bit of fun or a novelty, again a laugh for the boys! But in the end 9 weeks may go by and you will have not met his mother or family and you never will! So bad naughty girl do well short term, but elegant angelic ladies long term!

(3) Don’t always make him pay for everything and do everything! If you do you may think this is great im getting everything, don’t kidd yourself if he pays for everthing hes buying your love and paying for your beauty, and he may met someone whos more beautiful better sexually, and ohh no! Suddenly that money and the relationship will be hers so think on!

(4) If he is a decent guy don’t fuck him about! If you desire the nasty type chances are he may become that and your’ll want mr decent back, then he will dump you at some stage and think this is how all poor women want to be treated and he may give them a bad expirence and you will be partly responsible for upset further down the road.

(5) If a relationship does take off don’t always be at his throat for little things or minoir misstakes he may make, you get the best out of men when you highten there ego! So tell him things like i love the effort you put in darling, and its even greater cause its from a sexy guy like you! And you would be suprised to know that some guys like to called beautiful wined and dined on ocasions, given lovely suprises, remeber ‘All people are more alike than different’

(6) Sometimes would you believe us men have times when we are not ‘super sexed’ thats right! So don’t kill him if he turns you down cause men have to cope with this with little issue when you turn us down so its all about being equal right!

(7) If your one of those girls that is getting by with guys just cause you look great try to develop yourself alround not just in that area cause as time goes by the good stuff fads and we only have whats inside, and from my own perspective i love women that have a whole range of great things about them personaly not just physically. After all use guys can not just be all handsome and expect the world to loves us! As they say we have to be men, so you be your true best as a women mentally, spirtually, cause its these that help you long term.

(8) If you had a bad relationship in the past do not toture your current by going on about the past and comparing him to past partners, it will drive him away and before long he will think you care for your ex more and do a runner! After all why are you talking about them all the time?

(9) Try to get rid of the fictional ideals like a prince and lovely bad boy! Everyone makes misstakes and we are not part of your dream we are real and control our own reality so we will never be exactly what those novels you read are lol But we have qualites that deserve building for what they are rather than being compared to something fictional. So keep that in mind.

(10) Try giving a shy man a chance and ask him out if you like him, he may have hidden qualities both personally, and in a romantic sense and be very protective. And us men love being asked out to not just doing all the chasing, it can be a boats for our ego and most with a head on their shoulders are flatterd and truly greatful.

(11) And last but no least! Be yourself at its best and always have faith in whatever qualites you have. Its the quality that counts not always the quanty, don’t try and become a wag or silly money queen cause there are very few in our society, and even those have problems in the end in there relationships. If this is what you want you might have to ask the question ‘Do i want a man? Or to marry a bank? And no amount of money can give you that aliveness you feel when you share it with someone you truly love. Not what you are expected to love. And loves a team effort and as a man i feel alive when i know the person im with is as crazy for me as i am for them.

So thats my small points ladies haha hope you enjoyed and the very best of luck for your current and future love lifes!

regards martin x

good advice—but, i think you should’ve just titled it as Advice for Women About Men, i thought this was a question…

My mum is in a relationship with married man, advice needed rather than an answer?

Sorry if i go into too much detail on this but me and my mum are extremely close, my mum and my dad had an ugly relationship when I was 9 my mum and my dad broke up which was an ugly break up and continues to be ugly now, the problems we went through together have given us such a close relationship, we are more like best friends than mother and daughter.

She has been dating men for a while but nothing ever came of them, until about a year ago she started dating a man she met at work. She seemed very secretive about him and considering we tell each other everything I was getting suspicious so was starting to ask questions. She told me he had just been through a divorce but was still living with his ex-wife- This makes it sound like she thinks im stupid but shes just a terrible liar. Obviously this made me ask more questions and she eventually told me that they got divorced about 5 years ago but got back together. She then went on to tell me the reason they got divorced was because he was having an affair and wanted to move in with the mistress after dating her for 16 years. I told her what I thought to this in the nicest way I could and she seemed taken aback by the fact i didn’t approve.

She understood this new man in her life was not my favourite person but she still kept me informed with stories about what he is doing and how their relationship is moving forward. She then starts to tell me that they are in love and that when he talks about the future, she is in it and that they are going to get a house together etc. I tried again to tell her to take a step back and try and look at this relationship for what it is in a bit more of a harsh way this time, and she tells me (quite harshly) that I don’t understand because I see relationships as black and white.. your in one or your not and there are a lot of grey areas in relationships as people get older. After this she continues to tell me about what their plans are for the future and I went for the emotional tactic of getting my point across, I told her that when I was younger I couldn’t understand why our family didn’t try to make her see my dad for what he was when they disliked him for how he treated mum and that I felt i would be a hypocrite for pretending im okay with this relationship. She still continues to talk to me about how great this man is and what their future plans are. I have just got to a stage where I pretend its all okay but its bubbling up inside me because all I can see coming out of the end of this relationship is my mum getting hurt. again. I feel totally helpless and feel like I cant talk to her about this anymore because she doesn’t see it how I do. She knows its not ideal because she hasn’t told any of my family about it I am the only one that knows. Which makes it a lot more difficult to smile along at the dinner table when shes talking about how great he is and I can see this tearing us apart. I just want to know what I could do next. I feel like ive done everything I can but she just sees it as shes my daughter, shes never going to like the man in my life. Should I tell my family risking the trust she has put in me but hope we can convince her together that she is going to get hurt or keep quiet and pretend its all okay?

Again sorry about the essay.

This is a great example of why mothers and children should NOT tell each other everything! You should not have this type of information and she should not have told you.

Time to become more of an adult and put in restrictions on what you tell each other. Certainly knowing these types of things aren’t helpful to your relationship!

Now that you know you need to tell your mom you are not ok with it and will not keep her secret for her. Tell her to never again give you such secrets as they are detrimental to your relationship. Know that your mom is going to be with this guy no matter what anyone has to say about her. Most who date a married person really wants the safety that brings. She knows he can’t do certain things to her or risk his wife finding out. She also has the safety that this might not ever go any further than it is while living the fantasy life and enjoying herself.

Walk away from it all right now and no longer be apart of any of it.