Why do people ‘accept’ that it’s OK for men in relationships to watch porn?

I don’t even believe anyone should be watching porn and I think it’s weird when women say they”re OK with it because the man is not ‘cheating’ on them but I think that is exactly what he is doing. What are your opinions?

I think people need to find partners who share the same views on things like sex, porn, finances, religion, family, etc. Some people don’t like or watch it, others do.

I’ve learned long ago that it’s useless to tr y to "convince" someone of something they don’t agree with.
If you meet a man who watches porn and you don’t agree, find a new man rather than try to get him to stop. Not all men are into it and not all women think it’s ok

How come ‘Shar Jackson’ name is not brought up, when lauding Black women and white men relationships?

You have a lot of claiming that a certain couples are genuine than others and better in stereotypical ways. But they will never bring up Shar Jackson relationship with a white male. I’m sure Shar Jackson would say something different about white men and Black women relationships. Having kids by a guy and never was married and other things.

Why are people failing to bring up Shar Jackson name?
@Slippery… Stick with the question.
@Slippery…Why? She was from the Virgin Island and it was months ago. LOL

Yeah, son, there are a lot of failed Interracial relationships. But the races of the individuals don’t really mess up the relationship…people who are of the same race have failed relationships too.

A relationship of any kind is based on chemistry, hard work, and concern for the other party or parties by each member of the relationship. Some people can’t do the work involved or stop caring and then the relationship goes bust.

***I WILL AGREE that for some Black people on this site (and a few others) having a non-Black partner is like the Holy Grail. And these people don’t understand that the person’s race isn’t going to add some "magic" in helping the relationship****

If all men and women are created equally then why do men seem to still have most of the power in relationships?

I am just curious to why men still hold so much power when it comes to decisions on a relationship? I thought you learn to compromise and agree to disagree, when the time is right? How can we fix the problems? Will the cevicrily ever come back to America? Does anyone else agree?

Because they are the head of the house and us wives are supose to submit our selves to them.

1 Corinthians 11:3 Now I want you to realize that the head of every man is Christ, and the head of the woman is man, and the head of Christ is God.

RELATIONSHIP ADVICE (men & woman’s)?

Well i split with my BF of two years ( we are both 17). Things just werent right and withs tress of jobs and getting a qualification etc, the timing just wasn’t right. I never want to say never that we wont get back together. I Love him with every single bit of my heart and Truly do want him to be happy. I just think being 17 and starting a career etc is the wrong timing for a serious relationship.
But im wondering weather, their is always a great chance of ex-lovers getting back together years down the line? Is it a great chance or a slim chance?
I want to keep hope that one day, we will meet again and get back together.
If i don’t hold that hope, i think i would completely break down inside cause its the only thing that is keeping me strong right now.
The circumstances;
– Our relationship was truning nasty.
– We are still in daily contact
– We still love each other but as i say, the relationship was not working.

I don’t quite understand why you have broken up with a person that you really love. Some people wait years to be in your situation, to love someone and for them to love you back. You never know what the future holds, but it could also involve him meeting other people (and we all know what that could lead to) Sorry if I’m sounding blunt but I think you should think it over hun. When you really love someone and don’t want to lose them, you have to make it work.