Why do women not allow men to be men and lazy or what have you?

Men (in relationships) always have something to do because of women’s expectations and constant need to control…and MOST women are like this too….Do you wonder why men are sick of your s***?!
You aren’t MY MOTHER!!!
believe me, my hand is 95% better than most women too.

Mein Freund! listen close…

not all women (but damn near close to them all) are the kind of woman that grew up in the priviliged state of having a vagina, erego everything is almost handed to them growing up. For men it is not the same, we are the ones expected to do the manual labor jobs and work ungodly hours so she can have food and a roof over her pretty little head… How many times have you heard this scenario?
: Man works the full time job and comes home tired and wants to take a minute to relax when he gotes off work, he takes his time getting to the trash, laundry, dishes, etc. When the wife/spouse whines that by the time it is late he "hasn’t done anything all day" makes you want to choke a btich!
Even if she works another job, chances are yours is the more grueling of the two, so when she is at the office in a nice cozy environment she still thinks you should do more around the house…

As a man, a grown adult in western society, never lower yourself to allow ANY woman to allow you to do anything! Do what you damn well please, and if that is favorible to your woman, then great, you guys will get along famously, if she is resentful, then send her bags packing out of the house you paid for! If you moved in with her, pack your things and find someone who can appreciate you!

In need of man love advice?

Alright, so Ive been talking to this guy I ve had a mad crush on for about a month, he passed by my job a few nights ago, then actually called up to my job, to say "hi" then yesterday he called me on my cell phone, and we talked for over four hours, and the first thing he says during the conversation is.."So how do you feel about me" "Do you see me as your man,boyfriend, husband, friend", and I told him I have to go out with him and see first, and he says well I’m not really looking for a relationship, but If I’m around a woman and she makes me happy then I’m all for it, I just dont like when a woman pressures me" I said Okay well no one is putting any pressure on you" and the thing is he always bring this up to me during our conversation..when I never even bring it up,then he bring it up again, ‘So how do you feel about me" later on during the conversation, I tell him again, we need to go out and feel each other vibe, and then hes like "Oh well lets go out tonight"then..and I ask him what kind of music like, and he names every artist that I like..what is the deal?Why is asking me this question so fast??And on his facebook page, he deleted content with some of his female friends had sent him hugs and stuff, and whenver a female leaves a photo comment he never responds…I dont get this guy

To be honest I think he’s trying to create his facebook to scream AVAILABLE yet he seems like oen of those men who would be controlling in a relationship and want everything their way. He shows that he is uinto you so thats a good sign but if he’s going to be that neurotic even about his facebook maybe you should consider if he’s really worth your time. Hope this helps,

MEN I need advice for 10pts?

Need quick advice 10 easy points

me and this guy have been really good friends for a long time now. we were friends with benefits. we started to develop feelings for each other.although im not ready for a relationship and neither is he. we’ve been doing good lately. but then i had a slip and initiated sex. it wasn’t suppose to happen.

how do i explain things with him? and i feel ready bad and awkward that this happened. what does that mean. i was wondering if i could make a pact with him, saying that if i slip i have to do something vice versa.

to make things a little easier

1. how do i explain this him?(keep in mind, i am a person who says what i feel but i don’t want to him overreact)
2. what does it mean if i feel bad about it happening?(we’ve been close for 3yrs)
3. could i make a pact with him?

thanks guys, this is an easy 10pts

Let him know exactly how you feel (you have feelings for him but not ready for a relationship), let him know that it was a slip that you had sex and you’re not ready for that- yet? I don’t know how good a pact would be, but if you want him to be happy, be totally honest or else in the end it will hurt much more, and he may resent you for that.

When , why and how women began more to "choose men" rather than men "choose women" for relationships?

and how this has changed society as a whole?

why it seems that men try to go out of their way to please women and impress THEM rather than vice versa? has it always been the case?

what caused this?

Women have always had the power to choose – some of course had more choice than others, depending on how attractive they were etc.

Generally, it has usually been the custom for the man to take the initiative in showing interest in a woman. In England, for instance, during the medieval and early modern period, it was customary for young people to socialise in groups, and if a young man eventually decided he was serious about a girl, he would ask to call on her at home. There would be a succession of visits over a period of time before he asked her to marry him, and there would be an exchange of small gifts etc.

Up until the early 20th century, young women of the upper and middle class were normally chaperoned by older women, they were not allowed to be alone with young men. A man might ask to call on a young woman he particularly liked, but they would always be chaperoned.

A girl might of course show she was interested in a man, but he would normally be expected to take the initiative in asking her if he could call on her. Then it was up to her to decide whether or not he would be allowed to call.

Lust for men, love for women?

I feel nothing but lust towards men. I can not see myself having an actual relationship with a guy, or one that will last long. But I am, however, attracted to them tremendously. I know for a fact that I’m bisexual, but I’m becoming confused. I don’t know why. I am also attracted to girls. I am emotionally and mentally attracted to them. Men are more attractable to me then women? I honestly don’t know what I’m asking. Am I gay? I don’t know. Maybe some advice, please?

It sounds like you’re not confused at all. You can be bisexual and be attracted to men and women in different ways. People are on a spectrum, and what attracts them to others vary from person to person. Google the Kinsey Scale- it acknowledges almost exactly what you are explaining. You don’t have to be attracted to men and women in the same way to be bisexual.

Narcissist men and relationships?

Can a true narcissitic man fall in love and have a realtionship?How would he act around a girl he likes or has a crush on?Is it different than a normal man?

Narcissicism is a personality disorder and that means that narcissists’ personalities aren’t organized in a way that makes sense to most people, so the notes below do not necessarily go in the order I’ve listed them or in any order at all. Interaction with narcissists is confusing, even bewildering — their reasons for what they do are not the same as normal reasons. In fact, treating them like normal people (e.g., appealing to their better nature, as in "Please have a heart," or giving them the chance to apologize and make amends) will make matters worse with a narcissist.

Indian men (India) and interracial relationships, ever seen such a thing before?

If so which ones

1. Indian guy – White girl couple
2. Indian guy – Latina couple
3. Indian guy – Black girl couple
4. Indian guy – Asian girl couple (Like east asian as in Chinese and Japanese)

I’ve seen all four.

I need Latin (Mexican men) love advice please!?

I’ll keep it very short without all the wonderful amazing details so here it is…
American Girl meets Mexican (illegal) Guy (yes illegal)
They hit it off even though they don’t speak the same language.
Guy comes over after numerous conversations, text for dinner date
Long night of passion turns into 3 months weekly dates with intense passion, cooking, dancing, cuddling on the couch, etc.
Guy comes over for woman’s birthday…another night of romance ensues.
Guy never calls girl again. It’s been 30 days and he won’t return woman’s calls.

What I do know is:
I don’t think he has a gf due to the fact he always stays the night and loves love bites and plus he told me he doesn’t have one.
There’s never been anything fake with us…it’s been real from day one. When we talk we speak from the heart even though communicating can be a challenge.
I’m so lost and confused..not sure if this is a cultural thing or what.

You’ve been played. Learn from experience and move on.