Black women and Asian men and White men interracial relationship?

What are black men going to do about it

First black women are not our property, Second are you really that insecure??

Older men and younger women relationships?

Why is that a lot of people frown upon older men having relationships with a younger women or the other way around? I think its perfectly fine! What if you find your true love and they are 30 years older? Who cares as long as they are happy. Any other opinions?

Depends on the age; 13 and 43 not at all good. That is like being with a kid, who is not mature physically or emotionally to be with someone in that manner.

23 and 53, I would never do. I had way to many old men after me when I was young, grossed me out. One old man stuck his tongue in my mouth when I was little. I was not old enough to even know about those things.

Anyone older than that, is between them.

My opinion.

Black men and white women make the best interracial relationship?

I sure think we do. White women have always went behind the backs of their masters to sleep and feel the slave men. White women may deny that they are not attracted to black men but that is not how they feel. It is by far the most common interracial relationship next to Asian women and white men. Why do we make the best interracial couple?

Not all white women are attracted to black men. Im not I much prefer Asian men over black men– just my preference. I disagree that black men\white women are the best interracial relationship. There isn’t any best\worst interracial relationship. What matters is that the people are in love with each other.

What’s a good Relationship advice topic for men and women Valentine’s Day?

If you could advise your spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend or dolphin to do or NOT do on Valentine’s day, What would it be?

Honest answers, don’t be shy.
I can’t tell you how sick I am of people boycotting Valentine’s day. For the reasons of they’re bitter because they don’t have one, and the age old excuse, rather cliche: "Everyday should be Valentine’s day." Well, smart As*, if that’s the case, than Valentine’s day falls in the way of everyday, and you have no excuse NOT to celebrate!


Make it fun…

It’s not about what you spend, it’s about spending the time together and showing the other person you love them ( even if you can’t afford much ).

If you are dating…never bring up marriage or anything serious regarding the relationship.

looking for relationship with an alcoholic?

I’ve lived with a man 37 year old man for the last 5 years. We bought a house 3 years ago, and have a little dog. I am to a point where I no longer want to put up with it. I think the final straw was the other day, it was my birthday, and I came home to find him drunk. We were supposed to go out to dinner to celebrate, but I refuse to go out with him when he is drinking. It is now 30 days out of 31 in a month that he drinks til he’s drunk. I don’t know what to do. I’m thinking of asking him to leave for a month, stay with a friend, see about getting help for his drinking..and if he doesn’t then at least I will have had a chance to get the house in order to put it on the market. Anyone have any advice? I’m really needing some good advice on the best way to handle this..financially, emotionally, etc. Don’t need the "you go girl" comments, just need the "this is the best way to approach this" comments. Thanks in advance..really! We aren’t married, but everything is joint.

Here’s a plan. You have to get your family doctor in this strategy. Put something in his food that will cause him to have a stomachache. Ask your family doctor to do a checkup and give him fake results that if he drink anymore he’ll die or something serious will happen. Do the same thing if he does not listen to you just after he had another drink. Good luck

Lesbians and relationships, are women as bad in relationships as men?

There is myth that lesbians have better relationships with one another that sta8 women have with men. Do lesbians get their heart broken, mess around or cheat as much as Str8 women? Are lesbians realtionships better than str8 ones or just as bad, but in other ways?
I did say this is a myth and I know lesbians who have problems with their girlfriends and ex-girlfriends. i know it not a bed of roses being a lesbian in a relationships. However, I was thinking if lesbians have the same issues as women being with men have, but the issues are act out in another way.I also accept it is a generality, but I still would like know if relationships are the same and generalities are hard to miss out without going into each relationship.

Straight, gay, bisexual, transgendered, white, black, male, female – We are all human. We all have our own unique traits and beliefs.

I say we’re all pretty equal.

Why do men in relationships go online dating sites?

I know many go on these sites because they want to cheat, but is it possible that some men do it out of sheer boredom and out of curiosity without having any intentions of cheating?
Any females here who have done the same? What was your intention?
Serious answers please, thanks.

Some it’s to cheat, some it’s to pretend they are going to cheat and play games with others hearts, alot just go to look at whos there, curious.