Are Christians alright with men seeking polygamous and prostitutic relationships?

Many biblical heroes frequently had multiple wives, concubines, and even resorted to prostitutes for pleasure. Though the Bible does speak rather negatively of the prostitute’s role, there appears to be no condemnation of the man’s.
Does this mean that Christian men are allowed to have multiple wives… and from time to time seek out prostitutes for fun?

Yes that is true. There were a few biblical heroes who did have multiple wives and even concubines as prostitute for themselves.

Solomon is the perfect example having 700 wives and 300 concubines. Yet, this was a prominent role to take on during this particular time period. It was the culture of the land as the ruler to take on multiple wives for political ties to other countries. The whole reason why Solomon even had that many women was solely for foreign policy reasons and that is the manner in which they handled it.

In the New Testament (Solomon is in the Old Testament) There is never a man with more than one wife. Both Jesus and Paul speak against polygamy within their teachings on marriage. God commands that we be with one partner. One man and one woman. Jesus says being with more than one person is adultery.

So, while there were prominent Bible characters in the Old Testament that did have more than one wife once the New Testament was written the code for marriage was re-instituted back to its original intent as stated out in Genesis chapter 2.

I hope this helps.

Why Do Some Gay Black Men Trust White Gay Men In Relationships?

Why are some black gay men stupid enough to date gay white men? Shouldn’t they know that the only reason a white gay man would even think about dating a gay black man is because of the myth about black male penis size?

I am a gay black man, and have been stupid enough to trust white gay men. Most GWM think all black gay men have HIV, for starters…

You’re quite rude, you know?
Why wouldn’t they trust them?

Why do white women black men relationships look the best?

When ever I get a chance I show of my white dime to the world everyone bending their necks to get a look at this great combination.

single people and guys without white women dont hate

I agree I’am Black and my wife is White and I date exclusively non Black women.

I believe women give sex for a relationship and men give relationships for sex. Do you agree?

How many people agree that most people don’t analyze their partners enough before falling in love with them, whether its about not knowing what theyre looking for and ultimately not knowing who they are.
Obviously most men will not admit to this because theyre little penis brains are atleast smart enough to not let the truth be told. Hands down woman are smarter than men and i need to replace my dummy guy friends with more woman lol.

No, I do not agree.

Love Advice.. Please?

I Know This Seems Silly To Ask On A Website Like This, But I Really Need Some Advice And Can’t Really Talk To Anyone About This. In November 2010, I Started Talking To A Guy In My Town. He’s Almost 32 And I’m Almost 20. We Had Many Dates And They Was All Enjoyable And Very Great. He Would Always Treat Me So Special, Open Doors, In The Mall He Acted Like Me And Him Was The Only 2 In Existence, Just A Real Sweetie. After A About 5-6 Dates He Told Me He Loved Me. In The Beginning, I Told Him I Wanted To Be Friends But As Time Progressed I Started Gaining Real Feelings For Him. We Still Talk But We Haven’t Went Out Since Christmas, Which He Does Work 12 Hours Everyday And I Go To School. He Has Told Me He Loves Me.. Again, But I’m Not So Sure. I’ve Never Been In A Relationship With A Man His Age And I Don’t Think I’ve Ever Been In Love.. But I Can’t Get This Man Out Of My Head. I’ve Tried To Explain To Him How I Feel Via Text, But It Just Doesn’t Come Out Right. I Feel That It’s Best To Just Put My Feelings Aside And Move On, But I Cannot Stop Thinking About Him. I Don’t Know What Else To Do.
More Info: Since We Was Never Actually Dating, Me And Him Kept It Honest. I Told Him That I Had Slept With 1 Guy Since We Had Been Talking, And He Told Me He Had Been Spending Time With Another Girl In Jan. 2011, And I Was A Little Childish And Got A Little Upset, And He Then Quit. I Don’t Honestly Know If He’s Seeing Someone Right Now Or Not.. We Haven’t Spoke About That, But Since We Haven’t Been Out I Feel That He Has. I Haven’t Moved On Yet, Which I Do Speak With Other Guys, But He Never Seems To Leave My Mind. I Feel Obsessed And I’ve Tried Everything I Can To Forget Him. These Feelings Are Not Infatuation, Nor Lust.. I Feel Like I May Really Love Him, Maybe Not Truly In Love Because It’s So Soon, But I Do Love This Man. I Know He Did Mention Me Being So Young, Maybe That Could Be The Problem? Idk, I Just Need Some Advice Because I Feel SO Stupid!

Please, Don’t Say Anything Smart. You Do Not Have To Respond To My Question, But All Serious Advice Would Be Appreciated.

Sounds like you have a good head on your shoulders and have weighed this situation in your head.

I think that you should ask him out for coffee [not dinner or a movie]. I believe that he wanted a relationship with you, but because of your lack of response to his "I Love You", he continued to date to protect his heart. Go to coffee with him, sit down and tell him how you feel about him. Let him know that you enjoy the time that you spend together and miss him when your apart. See what he has to say. If he responds by saying that he loves you, ask him if he is thinking that he would like to have an exclusive dating relationship with you to see where this may go. If he says "YES" then ask him to make the commitment to you – to ask you to be his lady ‘exclusively’ in a real relationship. If he says nothing, then its time to move on. If he hems and haws, then it’s time for you to move on [don’t push it just – move on with your life]. If he says that he has been seeing someone else and wants to let her go and build something with you, tell him to close that chapter quickly [never ask for details or questions cuz he is single] and to make the move to a commitment with you. If he agrees, give him 1-2 weeks [max] to close the loop with whomever he was seeing [let him know that you will only wait a wk or 2 for him to close that chapter]. You can’t get mad since you were not in a committed relationship with him. If after 2 wks he hasn’t committed, then move on.

As for the age things, here is a little tip. When we women are young, we let our emotions rule us and we lash out without thinking things through. Handling our emotions comes with age and usually we have it under control by our mid thirties. Until then they can rule & unfortunately ruin things if we don’t watch out. In the future, if something with him or other people bothers you and your emotions rise, calm yourself down and wait til your alone to deal with yourself [often our emotions make us irrational and we need to learn to deal with our emotions to better deal with the situation]. When you are alone, get a sheet of paper and write out all of the facts. Not what your brain is saying, not what your friends are saying. Write out all the facts and examine them. Never ever respond to a situation when you are in anger – ya can’t take that back hurtful words even when you say "I’m sorry". Never ever send an email or text when you are angry. If you must, ‘hand write’ your angry letter and sleep with it under your pillow. Wait 24-48 hours re-read the letter then throw it away. Make a personal rule that you will NEVER send an email, text, leave a mean voicemail, curse someone out or delete stuff for 10 days after the initial thing that upset you occurs. Wait 10 days to make any kind of response. This seems crazy – YES – but you avoid a lot of antics that occur due to emotions which always get us in trouble. You avoid making mistakes that can’t be taken back. If your in the midst of something that makes you angry remove yourself and calm allll the way down.

Hope this helped some.

I am about to turn thirty and think I am going to give up on all men and relationships, what do you think?

I have had some bad experiences and I am starting to think relationships are a waste of time. They mostly end in pain. I think I might get a lot more done in my thirties if I focus on me and forget men.

Have you ever tried this as in given up women/men/relationships? What do you think?

I think that if you see a trend of problem relationships it is time to reflect on yourself for awhile. Not because the opposite sex sucks but because the one thing in those relationships that isnt different is that you are in all of them….perhaps ther is something you need to fix about you so that you can be happy? Are you continually picking the person that will treat you bad? Then why are you wanting to punish yourself?

In need of men love advice?

need help trying to figure out which one of these guys like me:
Guy #1-Asks about me through other people, for example,through my immediate co-worker George, and,through another manager-he asks"So how are you guys doing over there",he says that everytime he talks to my co-worker George, and everyone else for that matter.He’s also called up to my job three times asking for my whereabouts and claiming that he wanted to meet me, but he never showed. i called himto chat, we talked for over two hours, and he Told me I can definetly call him anytime. And Every time I see him,he always looks in my eyes, just stares of in space at me,but never speaks.There were two occassions were I was in the office, he did not want to come into the office while I was there which was weird
Mostly talks to me over the phone,very friendly,he told me one time,"Girl don’t look at me like that, you’ll get me in trouble". He Jokes and laughs with me alot.Used to call me for little things, like schdueling and payroll.Refused to interact with me, there was numerous occasions were upper management would ask him to drop off stuff to me,or meet with me to explain something,and he would either make up an excuse,or drop whatever paperwork with another co-worker.Another thing is the few times I call him for overtime,he gives very short answers..and he hangs up.
The other day, he called up to my job, to say hi to my co-worker George,.and the thing is George has only met this guy twice, so they don’t know each other at all really(so I thought that was weird)and he asked him, if he wanted to talk to me, so when I got on the phone with him,.he didn;t really say much, he said he just called to see how we were doing.
And the thing is These two guys are very good friends..:)

I could say the first guy is in love with you but he is shy, that`s what i understand from what you say. The other guy looks like he just like you and he probably has more experience in girls . That`s what i believe things could be different out there

WHY do women go after men in relationships?

Whenever a man is in a relationship women are all over him – Female friends and friends of his gf.

THEN when he’s single again – these SAME women stop trying to get him into bed.

Why are women so underhanded? Why do they do this to their own female friends and go behind their backs like this?

Give it a rest, mate! Get therapy! You’re not getting dates because you’re bitter and you spend all your time on Yahoo Answers dumping on women.

Is this good relationship advice for a guy who has a crush on a girl?

1) Do not buy gifts for her unless you get something back. How would you feel if you were driving, and a homeless man came up to you and cleaned your windshield, hoping for some spare change. It’s the same concept. (This rule does not fully apply when the girl is already a girlfriend or a wife.)

2) Most girls don’t care much about looks. They care mostly about personality and social status.

3) Do not be nice. Be a good person, not a nice person. Have a backbone.

4) Don’t be afraid to tease her and humiliate her, as long as she laughs along. Do not put her on a pedestal. Doing so is also a form of sexism. They want to be treated as humans, nothing less, and especially nothing more.

5) Punish her disinterest with your disinterest. Reward her interest with your interest. The more your feelings match hers, distant or close, the greater you can influence your relationship with her to your benefit.

6) MOST IMPORTANTLY: Do not be afraid to lose her. However, don’t tell her that. If you are afraid to lose her, she has power over you. If you are, do not act like it.

To sum it all up, make her chase you and not the other way around. However, you must be the catalyst.

I know tons of guys who ask women what they want and the women say "I like nice, loyal guys". Then, the guys end up becoming nice guys and never get girls, losing them to men with the traits I described above.

Hell ya!