where can I find the men in healthy men to men relationships?

Im looking for a place that me and my fiance can go, and actually be around other m4m relationships. its really hard to find friends like that here in LA? Is their anybody out there in the ether ? Especially black M4M (which I am BTW). it would be great to have someone to talk too or relate to.

My son is in Baltimore and says the "pickin’s is plenty" New York and Washington DC. You could also go to Atlanta. LA has some,but you would just have to know where to look.

Its harder for black men to be seen in a M4M relationship in "public" due to social stigmas and stereotypes, but they are out there. You will meet others, keep positive.

What does steinbeck want readers to understand about human relationships/ friendship in Of mice and men?


In this novella, friendship isn’t discussed heavily. George and Lennie don’t talk about how they feel about each other or why they should stay loyal – they just stand by each other, and that’s that. It’s a very gruff, rough and tumble atmosphere, and though feelings aren’t talked about, you get the sense that the men take nothing more seriously than their friendship. For George and Lennie, as they make their way through the Depression, all they have is each other.




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Why are there more interracial relationships between Black Men and White women than White Men and Black Women?

I think this is one of the most stupidest questions that people ask. You will always see more of any culture of men with White Women than you will see with Black Women. Most men are similar in this aspect. The interracial relationships between Black Women and White Men are not based on the same foundation as Black Men and White Women. Interracial relationships between Black Men and White Women are base on a natural attraction of Black Men’s masculinity and White Women’s femininity; but the interracial relationships between Black Women and White Men of today are more so based on anger, frustration, resentment and retaliation towards interracial relationships between Black Men and White Women. This is why Black Men get so much criticism from Black Women for interracially dating and White Women get so much criticism from White Men for interracially dating. Interracial relationships between White Men and Black Women are not based on the same foundation as they were years ago. Years ago most White guys who did date and marry Black Women were really culturally open minded and they really were into Black Women and it was mutual. I know one or two couples and they are two of the nicest couples I’ve ever met. But today it seems to be more based on a frustration that there are a lot of pretty White Girls dating Black Guys, so these White guys are starting to feel slighted like Black Women feel about the successful Black Guys dating White Women. So many White Men and Black Women come together on this common ground, (laboratory relationships). But these relationships don’t last very long because it’s founded on anger and frustration of having to settle for something that they usually wouldn’t in any other circumstances. This seems to be why many Black Women who are in interracial relationships tend to still be mean to me and criticized my interracial relationship as: if it wasn’t for me having a White girlfriend, they wouldn’t have to date a White guy. Maybe that’s why you see more interracial relationships between Black Men and White Women opposed to White Men and Black Women; you can’t comparing a natural attraction to a new kind of companionship settlement.

Quite the long question to try and follow. I’m in an interracial relationship with a black man and I am white. I used to date white men but then found myself finding black men more attactive and more fun to be around. My husband has only dated white women cause he finds their personality more appealing and black women tend to have chip on their shoulder or a lot of anger. I do agree that black women get mad when we are dating their so called men because there are only a small percentage of good black guys out their and they should have them.

I want to know if I did the right thing: I told the man I love I love him,advice please?

I sent him an email with a love poem I wrote for him.
I haven’t seen him for three years but I just want to be with him and I told him .
At first I didn’t have the guts to tell him, just wanted to be friends but I was angry at him for not saying goodby when he left, he lives in another country he replied that I was stalking him, leaving too many comments on his blog and embarassing him, all because he had someone else back then,he hasn’t answered to my email how the hell do I get out of this mess, how can men be so mean?Help what do I have to do tonmakehimlove me?

It’s tough. Find someone else?

Relationships with men so often start off “hot and heavy”but then quickly and UNEXPECTEDLY turn ice-cold. why?

Quite alot of guys nowadays are becoming more fixated on what their hormones tell them, once those have been satisfied, they quickly lose interest. There’s still guys which are still totally decent and wouldn’t dream of using a girl like that, there’s just alot of guys that will.

All the best