Who destroyed the relationship between men and women?

women or men and why?

Neither…I mean both…The CIA, the Illuminati, the Rockefellers, and everyone else who was responsible for feminism.

Wouldn’t it be nice to see more Asian women with Black men relationships?

I’m black and my fiancée is Asian. I think black men with black women are overrated and i have never seen an Asian men Black women relationship.


I’m starting to see a few fat asian women now. And they are always with black men.
What is wrong with black women?



Cought between 2 men relationship advice – long story?

Please answer if you feel like reading this lol =)

Here’s the situation. I met a guy from an online game from the UK (i’m from USA). we clicked instantly, and fell in love really fast. We web cammed on skype for months at a time. He was 19 when i met him. He’s now 21 and I am 25. Because of his young age, he could not afford to get to the USA to meet me and I don’t have a good enough job to have met him. But we still loved each other dearly. We just knew in our hearts that we were meant to be. everything was 100% perfect. I knew that i could never stop loving him, or love anyone more than him. A year passed, and i was lonely. I met a local guy and dated him. I ended up loving him, but not as much as my UK sweet heart. but since my local guy was… local, i stuck around for 7 whole months. even moved in with him. however, after like 2 months of dating him i knew it was the end. i lost contact a bit with my UK man becuase my Local man hacked into my facebook and saw a message written to my UK man about how much i loved him and would never love anymore more than him. anyways, after 2 months, i hated my local boy but it was too late. i started something. I ended up talking to ANOTHER Uk man, only this one is 36 years old. for the next 5 months i talked to him and fell for him, not as bad as the first, but enough. i finally left my local boy and moved back with my parents. 2 months later, still dating UK man #2, he gathered some money to get me over there for 6 weeks. well… during those few weeks, i met up with UK man #1 a few times. And let me tell you, it was just as magical in person as it was online. I am in love times a MILLION with UK man #1. He’s affectionate, and cute, and fun, and loving, and our hearts just connect! We even made love in the woods. please dont call me a cheating whore, thats the first time in my life i ever cheated, but it just felt so right!! But now, i have one week left with UK man #2. i havent slept with him since i slept with #1. i dont feel right. I dont want to hurt #2 at all. he’s a great guy, and he has a 4 yr old kid. He looks a lot older tho.. he looks almost 60. really gray and wrinkly. he’s awkward in bed, and doesnt know how to raise a kid, his heigene is gross, he smells horrible, has rotted teeth, im not attracted to him at all and he is definetly not affectionate. I love him in a different way, but not the way i love #1. here’s my main dilhema. #2 asked me to marry him. I can legally come to the UK on a fiance visa and work here. but that would be using #2 so bad, and emotionally messing with his head. but i cant come to the UK to be with #1 because he doesnt have his own place or anything, or money. and i dont have money either until i start working! so there is NO way possible to get to be with the love of my life, without using or hurting someone. so what should i do? just not do it and then never be with my love? I love him so much that it hurts. my heart hurts so bad without him. i know i cant live without him. but i really dont want to use and hurt another person. plus it makes me sick to my stomach having to kiss #2 when my heart is really there for #1. I just dont know what to do. any advice might help. what on earth can i do. 🙁 my heart is really hurting for #1.
@ james — its not 3 people. i dropped my local boy 100% cuz i didnt love him. i dont have a sex drive, actually im far from it. i only slept with #1 once…. and im just supposed to be in the relationship with #2 but i dont want to be. i dont want to hurt him.

I just want to be with #1. im not confused at all. I love #1 more than anything. he’s the one. the one and only true one. i just need to figure out how to be there with him forever.

If it was meant to be with guy #1, everything (with effort on both of your behalf) it will all work out smoothly. Using another person to get what you want is not right in any way. Your conscience should tell you that much. I am also from the USA, now living with my sweetheart from Holland. It took us awhile before we were able to live together in Holland. I know how much it hurts to be away from your love. But I also know how wonderful it is to be together. Do it the right way.

Ami wrong to for resenting my husband & his love for our daughter? Advice?

I am 47 and have been married to my husband since i was 20yo, We are from & live in Italy, together we have 4 sons & 1 daughter. Our daughter is 17 and she is the apple of my husbands eye, She is a very beautiful girl & comes from a wealthy family and uses that to her advantage, She has had many boyfriends in the past & he never approved of them and they we’re terrified to get on his bad side. Part of my husbands business is named after her, She is very use to her own way and has her father wrapped around her finger, anything she ever wanted he made sure she got, My husband has always been very protective of her, If she wears a short dress to a party, as soon as he see’s it he always disapproves of it & will imtimadate any boy who chats her up, He also has a very strong personality, can be very arrogant, you could also call him obnoxious & very outspoken as he is not afraid to say what he really feels. She has decided she wants to move to the US with her friends and my husband is furious, My husband wants her to stay in Italy and eventually marry someone from her homeland, She studied in Florence last year and he was always worried about her and sending her money. Many of her friends speak english & when my husband is talking to her when her friends are there he only talks to her in italian or in general he refuses to speak to her in English. He is a very proud man and would give her the stars if he could, there is no limit to what he gives her but our daughter is very hard to be tamed & stubborn like her father and we have had arguments about her many times, Im starting to resent his love for her & am finding myself jealous of it. Advice?

First, yes you are wrong. Second, you are not the first, will not be the last, and you are far from alone in this. It is a very common thing that happens between the child and the parent of the same sex. In a way you see the child as a younger you, the you you no longer are because you have aged. You think( and it could be true to some extent) that the spouse, your spouse also sees this once upon a time version of you and is comparing it to the everyday years older mature you. You do not feel favored in this comparison, and it makes no difference if there really is any sort of comparisong going on, you simply feel that it is.

A parent can love a child, relate to the child in a way that very often they cannot do with the spouse. By its very nature the relationship is different. What you are describing here is the way many fathers treat their daughtes as they grow up to become young women. This too is very natural and indeed is a part of his job as a father.

Don’t resent this bond. Nothing you can do about it anyway. She loves you too but in a very different way. Also remember as she becomes a young woman, her father is the model for the men she will be attracted to. She will learn how to relate to men in the way she relates to her father. My advice to you would be to recognize when you are feeling jealous. Remember that your husband loves you as he always has. Also remember that very soon the girl will get married and move out and on to her own family and you can again become the center of attention. This is the real problem, not the girl so much as you miss the attention he once paid you and to see how he puts so much on his daughter is really pointing out the lack of attention that you feel. Point this out gently to your husband. Not like " Why do you spend so much time and attention on her, What about me?" that is the prelude to a fight. Say something like, "We have so little time to spend together, I want a little more" Or sometime when the kids are not around or off to bed, plan something just a little romantic or out of the ordinary for the two of you to share. Take a walk at night. Have a glass of wine before bed, in the bedroom perhaps. Exchange that Tshirt for a sexy nighty without saying anything about it. Things like this will bring more of his attention your way and you will not feel so left out, or jealous. Try it, it works. I know, I have a daughter.

Are middle eastern men more possesive and controlling in their relationships than other races of men?

Since Islam condones the subjugation of women.

Here we go more anti arab propaganda.

Leave Arabic men alone, White men just keep demeaning them, white women are also complicit in this hate.


WHY do Women go after Men in Relationships?

Whenever a man is in a relationship women are all over him – female friends and friends of his gf.

THEN when he’s single again – these SAME women stop trying to get him into bed.

Why are women so underhanded? Why do they do this to their own female friends and go behind their backs like this?

probably being a tease, they like a challenge. human nature wants what they can’t have