I love 2 men, I need advice please…?

I’m with a guy who loves me, we’ve been together for a couple of years now. We have spoken about marriage, kids, the whole 9 yards. Throughout our time together he has been selfish and disrespoectful a lot of times, but even so he still loves me. I’ve always tried to fix our issues but now I’m kind of tired and don’t want to try. Well, me and my first love broke up 1 yeart before I got with my guy and it was basically because we were young and going to different school. We really never fell out of love. Throughout the years we have kept in contact, He is the sweetest guy I’ve ever been with and he really loves me and wants to make me happy. If I break up with my guy, it would destroy him. He needs me, he isn’t that stable. What to do??

Leave the lame so he gets a life, his own life, together. What a loser

I need advice, I love 2 men!!?

The one I’m with, we have been together for years now. He really loves me but has been thorugh a lot so he really doesn’t show his feelings a lot, thinks about himself a lot and doesn’t recognize his mistakes…even so, he loves me and I also do. The other one is my first love, he broke up with me when we were going to other schools. He said he felt insecure. Anyways all these years later we still keep in contact and he says he still loves me and his biggest regret was to let me go. He is VERY sweet and caring and he definatley wants to make me happy. Even though I am taken, I can’t help but miss my first love. I do love my current bf and I don’t want to hurt him, but I feel I should give it a chance with my first love. Any suggestions??

Are you willing to throw away your current love for an old love who dropped you without even trying to fix whatever the situation might have been? You have to ask yourself that question… me personally, I would not.

Also, everybody remembers their first love it is very common to over romanticize it. Just think about your next step because it could be a disaster if your not careful.

Men: Advice on this "relationship" situation please.?

So i’ve known him for long now and he’s sweet, he calls sometimes to ask me how I’m doing and stuff and says he misses me. I really hate that I feel like he doesn’t follow through on what he says. Like he’s gonna take me to lunch- he has not.
buy me a shoes- he has not
let me borrow his dvd- has not

Mixed signal/sweet nothings/not into me at all perhaps? But when he chases me is when I get confuse. last week I missed two of his phone calls then I called next day saying I’m sorry. and he said, "It’s ok, i figured you’re busy."

Ever since that, Not heard from him at all. What is going on, everyday I can’t stop thinking about him. I am so not gonna make the phone call, I did the last already. The way I see it, It’s up to him but it’s been a week 🙁

He just doesn’t care for you all that much. You’re not on his higher priority list :L