Men: Advice on this "relationship" situation please.?

Ok so we’re just friends and he has taken me out before and has given me rides. he’s been giving me hints that he likes me. like calls me about 2-3 times in a week for no reason just to say he misses me and that he’s gonna find time to see me. I have NEVER made the initiative to call first.

It’s always him. Im always the one waiting for my phone to ring. Im so nervous to call him! He says we’ll hang out but he never gives me the date when.

I know he’s really busy with work but that such a bullshit excuse. He says next week but he never gives me an exact date but then he would call me again. What is wrong with him? I don’t wanna be calling him sounding all clingy. Is he just trying to keep me interested

What you guys think?

Relationships are like a game of chess. He made his first move so it’s your turn now. If he keeps making the moves then the game goes wrong. Just call him (at an hour you suppose he’s not working) & ask him for the best time & day to hang out.
If you never call him back he will eventually start to think that you’re not interested.

Need some love advice?!?

I’m 16 and would like to know something…Is it possible to be with one man for the rest of your life? Iv been with my boyfriend over a year now…His 19 which means his more mature at least…And his been my 1st (sex partner) and I’m happy that I’m finally settling down from dating…I do believe I’m not to young to be in love… I would like the public to express their feelings without saying I’m to young…I believe there’s love in any age…I just want to know if its possible to love one man for the rest of your life? Thnx in advance

Yes it is. My boyfriend and I started dating when he was 16 and I was 15. Now we are 19. We have dated for 3 1/2 years. I Iove him and he loves me. We want to get married after college. He is the only guy I ever want to be with. I know I’m the only girl he wants to be with.

"Relationship" advice.. Need male advice for female?

26 year old Female with 25 year old man

For year and a half, I have been dealing with the same man. For the first 4 months he actively put in effort to get to know me and build a possible relationship. He got fed up with me a few times, so after a year or so after that, we have been on and off… without a committed relationship status.

For about a month now, I have been distancing myself from him… no calling, barely texting or trying to see him. I know I couldn’t keep myself in a revolving sex, no committed "friend/relationship" So, the other day he let me know that he was talking to another female (and just wanted to let me know this) I feel like I have much to say, but no words to say it. I’m not sure if I should even say something.

I would just let him go, he isnt worth your time anyways