Relationship advice from a guy on tumblr?

He posts the advice for men in black and advice for women in white. Help please?
Woah there buddy. I’m not looking for the advice itself– I just can’t remember the name and its bugging me. I also meant to check internet section. Down boy.
Maybe I should be more specific, I am looking for the name of this blog. Not your judgmental opinion of why I’m looking for it. Jesus.

dont follow it.

Are we women not smarter than men, b/c we think with our heads in relationships, & men with with their penises?

Men always go for women with the best looks and think with their penises, always being after sex. However, we think pragmatically & logically, so aren’t we smarter than men? Also, is it often best to NOT be with men, since all they care about is sex from women, nothing else? To keep ourselves safe, is it best to avoid men? We don’t need men.

Only to perverts