Men in relationships: what do you think about when watching porn?

I am not really bothered by porn use if he is just getting off from watching two people have sex (in other words, if it’s purely visual). However the idea of a boyfriend masturbating to thoughts of him having sex with the women in the video really hurts and feels like a form of cheating to me.

I’m in a relationship now and I can’t watch porn. I start thinking about my girlfriend and feel that it’s wrong to see other women naked and having sex. I’m only 16 too.

Relationship advice for men?

I have not been in a relationship in over a year. Her and I have been dating for about a week now. Things are going great and I want things to keep being awesome. What is some great advice yall can give me?

Girls like little things. Little notes, flowers, text messages, cute voicemails, opening doors. As long as you don’t ever stop doing those things your golden. No girl wants the world she just wants to be treated like shes special, these little things help accomplish that. They let her know you care

Why do many men not have problems having flings w/women, but if women refuse long relationships, men r upset?

Like, many men are okay with just having a short term fling or sexual relationship with women, not marry them or anything. However, if women refuse to marry, men think there’s somethign wrong with them and thus, kind of condescend them. Why the double standards and hypocrisy?
Men have no trouble using women for sex(as women use men for sex too), but if women say they don;t ever want to marry in life, men look down upon them and feel they should marry. Why the double standards?

There’s 1001 answers to this question, it all depends on the person you ask.
Some would say men haven’t evolved much from the caveman days when men were hunter-gatherers and one-on-one relationships didn’t exist. Cavemen tried gathering as many women as they could, some would suggest this was a way to ensure the human race would continue instead of dying out like the dinosaurs.
Conversely there is a stigma attached to a woman that has too many relationships or doesn’t want one man and men while wanting many women don’t approve of women wanting many men.
Just a short while ago a married woman was mere property with no right to vote or own land etc in North America, a practice still maintained in some third world countries.
The answer is quite simply life and society is full of double standards of which there is no easy answer for past people’s thought process changing… which given time it does

Do magezines focus little on men’s needs in a relationship?

Between men’s and women’s magezines i’ve read, I’ve noticed a common trend on how they tackle relationship advice:

Men’s: "How do become a real man, and therefore worthy of the woman"
Women: "How to weed through guys and find the one who are worth your time"

It’s like, both magezines assume guys aren’t worthy of women until they prove otherwise, almost like they are of higher class and men need to "get up to their level".

Sure, the women’s magezines talk about fashion and weight-loss, but even if guys actually cared how the colors matched between your blouse and your skirt, that’s still only covering the superficial, and making it seem even MORE like guys are emotionally detached and shallow horn-dogs.

Plus, fashion is a lot of what women do for each other, and slimming down is countering the abundance of obesity and heart disease.

Is what I haven’t seen a lot of is "Are you spending enough quality time with your guy?", or "How to help your guys feel like he means the world to you". This is the stuff I hear good girls in relationships talk about. What they can do for each other and how to communicate their needs and receive without judging or getting upset.

I mean, this is one of the reasons I used to feel that relationships were about the guy providing everything in exchange for the girl not leaving or calling him a jerk.

A lot of relationship problems arise from this. Everyone focuses on if the girl’s needs are met and the guy’s needs are ignored, resulting in a drastic loss of motivation from the guy.

Is this just an optical illusion, or some sort of "remembering the stuff that hit me hardest?", or does anyone else notice this trend as well?

Magazines publish nonsense that will sell copies…