Why are most sites that give relationship advice are geared for women?

I can’t find any site online about relationship advice for men. Like if I Google "Man having doubts about girlfriend/wife", the searches reverse with titles like "Woman/Girlfriend having doubts".

And I can’t find any question on here about men having doubts about their relationship. Most of the questions and answers regarding relationship doubts are told from a female’s perspective!


You’re welcome

How are Capricorn Men in relationships?

I’ve never dated one. What is the relationship like and how is it in the bedroom?

CAPRICORN – The Go-Getter
Patient and wise. Practical and rigid. Ambitious. Tends to be good-looking. Humorous and funny.. Can be a bit shy and reserved. Often pessimists. Capricorns tend to act before they think and can be unfriendly y at times. Hold grudges… Like competition. . Get what they want.

Books on Power of men/women and men relationships and rape/sexual fantasies?

Basically, i want to read a book on relationships with male and females written by women like on the power of men. Or
a book on women in a abusive relationship or been raped
or sexual fantasies
I need to read one from each sort of topic for a project im doing. can someone recommed please.

anything about j. edgar hoover… O.o

I love 2 different men. Can u give advice? 10 points 5 stars best answer.?

Ok I’m indecisive when it comes 2 myself so I need some advice r suggestions no mean comments unless helpful. I’m 30 no kids yet been with a guy for 4 yrs. Hes sweet kind & a great friend he has 2 kids that I love dearly n vice versa. He propose to me a yr ago. We r not n a rush to get married. His entire family loves me mom dad n two sisters n extended fam also. Well the other guy I met at 19 we been friends ever since. I haven’t contacted him since being engaged because it’s not necessary when ur committed. He respects that. Well my fiance messed up n lied to me about where he was going to be (more than once) and I found out lots of woman were there. Lies aren’t good but we r human no one is perfect but life is scary. 2 wrongs don’t make a right I know. Anyway I ran into my other "guy" no kids 31 his mom adores me nephews n brother does too. I do too! So he’s been their for me when I moved I had trouble with my fam he let me live with him n his mom I was 24 at the time ( his mom is sick he takes care of her) Told me about guys and how they view things andthat he wasn’t ready I respect that b honest up front. So I spoke with him recently he says he misses me n would love to see me. I know he’s a good friend he gave me advice and said give the other guy a chance but if it fails he will b there for me n won’t rush. He just want to see me. See I love them both they have great potential n loving hearts. I’m not in love because I know that means nothing could change my heart about the person I would b in love with I was in love once. I have strong love for both. I’m just confused as to what should I do how to go about choosing. They have the same type of job and have plenty of time for me. Both handsome tall and intelligent book smart n street smart. What would you guys do?!?! Help!!!! I’m ready to build a family n start my life. Excuse this text ( the writing) I did this from my phone not my PC.
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