For all the gay men in relationships: Are you happy being in a relationship or wish you had stayed single?

I am a gay man and have been curious to find out how many gay men are actually happy in their relationships and how many are not and wish they had stayed single. I have always wondered about the percentage of happy vs not happy. So, if you are a gay man and in a relationship, let me know if you are happy or not. Thanks!

There’s a saying that goes something like: Relationships are like birds and birdcages. Those without aspire to be within. And those within aspire to be without.

When I was younger, all I ever wanted was to be in a relationship. But just as soon as I was in one, I wanted my freedom to go out and do what the hell I wanted. So I had countless relationships that never lasted more than about 6 months.

As I got older though, what was important to me change. I wanted security – in everything, work, home, relationship, and so I started to re-assess what was actually important in my life. And the stability of a relationship won

There are couples that have both – the stability but also the freedom to go out and do what (and who) they want to. It works for some people, and of my friends, the majority of the longest relationships are couples who "play around". But its not for me, and I’m happiest in a relationship

do Black Women/White Men relationships last longer than others?

do you think Black Women/White Men relationships last longer than other interracial relationships because compared to bm/wm relationship i think so cause i always a white mom and her mixed child on her hips at stores and no father but when i see a black women with her mixed child on her hips her husband is right behind her (not trying to say interracial couples are only seen at stores lol)
by the store i meant i see most black women with their husband than white women -.-

I don’t care so long as white men leave Mexican women alone.

Need relationship advice!! Men give me answers.?

Me and this guy have known eachother for 2 years and have been on and off talking and getting together all this time. I always thought i wanted a relationship, but when it nearly came down to it with a few other guys i realised it wasnt really my thing at the time, (and now).

He text me not long ago after us not talking for about 5 months, it was a friendly text about me and my friends getting drunk one night, saying i was ‘so much better than that’ he was only joking though. We exchanged a few texts and one night he fell back into his old habits of not replying (probably one of the reasons we stopped talking for so long), so i text him asking him not to text me if he had no intention of replying. He apologised and gave me an excuse (truth or not i dont know and dont care).

After this we had been texting for a week and he asked me to go out sometime, i would be completely fine to do this as friends or more (not sure what he was implying), but i didnt believe it was him who sent the text so i said ‘I dont believe this is James :)’ and he hasnt replied…its been like 5 days? So confused and i dont get it. When HE asked to go out why would HE not reply again?

Why do boys do this and what am i supposed to do?!

Men are so much less communicative than women. Don’t expect him or any other guy to be as communicative as your girl buddies are. Men are just wired differently. Think about it. A group of guys can get together and just grunt and punch around and they have communicated all that they feel they need to communicate. Women on the other hand chat and text and talk on the phone all day and that is just getting ready to get together. When the finally see each other face to face they still feel that they still need to catch up. Ok, so maybe I am stereotyping just a little, Some guys do talk more and some women talk less, but essentially this is true. This guy probably is no different, he probably feels like he talks enough.

Think about it this way, you are young, you probably have enough drama in your life already. Don’t bring more on yourself by worrying about some guy that doesn’t communicate enough with you. This is one of the privileges of youth. You get to look and look and look until you find the right person who suits you just right. After that life gets really complicated. Don’t just settle for him because he is cute or makes you feel fuzzy all over or whatever. The aggravation will bring negative drama into your already crazy life. You probably don’t need that.