Should I come back for the man I love? ADVICE PLEASE!?

Since I was about 14 I have been in love with this man. He is two years older than me. We have been through our up and downs and each of us have a fistful of failed relationships that have spanned 11 years. Neither one of us stay with someone longer than a year. A few years back he came to me trying to be in a relationship but I had gained a ton of weight due to depression and was really giving off negative energy. He tried to come around a few more times but I always put him off. This caused jealousies and a lot of drama. One time when he dropped me off we were sitting in his car and there was a shooting star. Me and him have NEVER had sexual intercourse only oral. He had "issues" in that area. The thing is he has ended relationships with women because he couldnt kiss them but he ALWAYS kisses me and tells me its hard for him to kiss anyone else. But these same women he has had sex with @ times. It confuses me.

Once we were hanging out years ago and he said something about being around when everything is said and done. The thing is I am getting my body and mind in order after many trials and feel the time is right for me to "claim" him. I just always had this lurking feeling that he is the one. I’ve never felt that for any other man and I’m not man crazy at all. Through all his relationships I always feel like "that won’t last" and it doesnt. I will not offer him sex like these other women, I want to offer him love and respect and commitment then eventually the privilege of my body.. I am afraid to come back because the fear of being wrong is almost paralyzing….what should I do? and what is your view of the situation. I pray for him and for us…Will it matter that we grew up believing different Gods..mine Jesus his Jehovah? I just need answers and insight

Loving someone and wanting to be loved are 2 very different things.
Sit and think of the difference and take your own steps forward with your own two feet without any outside interference. You only learn from mistakes. Getting your hand held through life will not teach you anything.

And it’s not, "Me and him", it’s, "Him and I."
You’ll lose points on your exams unless you learn proper vocabulary.

Am I smart to avoid men in relationships if I don’t trust them? Isn’t it good for them?

I’ve had HORRIBLE EXPERIENCES with men & people in the past, and thus, I feel that avoiding them is the best thing. Be nice, friendly, etc, but I NEVER, EVER want to date them. I’m willing to do this for the rest of my life. Am I smart then, for my sake? I feel I am. I think love & relationships R a joke. I’m NOT EVER willing to even give it a shot.

looks like thats the both of us…men are dogs……

Is it best to avoid men in relationships if you fear them?

I’ve been abued by men and was sexually assaulted by some when younger. They were men I knew and trusted. I do NOT trust nor respect men today. Is it best to just avoid them when it comes to relationships? Like nothing more than just friends?

If you fear them, then just live without them. I know a lot of the males here will come and try to change your mind, but what’s done is done and now you can’t trust them anymore. Hey, if men can be sexist, so can you. Fair’s fair.

Relationship advice, preferably from men?

Okay I’ve been on and off with my boyfriend since I was 14 (I’m 18 now). We were together the majority of the time, and only broke up twice over misunderstandings. Anyway after being together for a little over a year he broke up with me, saying he felt that I wasn’t happy in the relationship. I come to find out that two months before he broke up with me he was getting jealous about one of his friends having a boyfriend and he was giving her the same pet names he gave me. Not even a week after we broke up he was flirting with her like hardcore. He talked to her the exact same way he talked to me and would get upset if he didn’t hear from her. Once he and I began talking again he started talking to her less, and wasn’t flirting with her at all. And as far as I know he hasn’t spoken to her since the day before he asked me out again. This all happened last year but I am just finding out about it now. He went through my facebook saying he wanted to make sure I didn’t flirt with anyone while we weren’t together because he still considered us to be together, yet he was trying to get with this girl. When I talked to his brother he said that is just how he deals with being depressed and stuff, but I don’t like the idea of him trying to replace me. Anyway my question is do you think I’m just wasting my time? I mean I can’t really blame him because we were technically broken up, but how can he say he’s in love with me (he even proposed to me before this) if he’s just going to go and try to find another girl?

yeah you’re just wasting your time that guy has never learned how to deal with the loss of a relationship well and won’t any time soon. it’s best that you move on and find a guy that doesn’t have so many personal problems that need to be worked through.

Urgent relationship advice needed from Men?

Hey there,
So the problem is my boyfriend never has time for me. I know him from abt 5 years now, He was my best friend and we decided to take it to the next level. its been 6 months now but it seems that he doesn’t care anymore. we used to meet everyday, text and call each other all the time, share our secrets, but now he mostly ignores my texts, sometimes does not receive my calls. I give him space but its like he is taking me for granted. I have told him about this but he says he loves me but is very busy. i understand that he is busy but then I don’t think he is too busy to even reply. His mom does not like me, I think that is affecting him. I don’t know what to do, I have tried to save this relationship so many times, I let go all the time but it seems like he doesn’t care. I don’t know what he is upto most of the times. we meet once a week now, or once in 10 days. he never calls…
I am going overseas for some years in abt a month, I thought he would wanna spend more time with me now but its exactly the opposite. I dont understand his behavior, on one hand he talks about our wedding and future together and on the other hand he takes me for granted.

Sorry for a long post and thanks for reading.
I need some serious advice !

I think time can only tell you the exact truth, whether he still loves you or not. when you go abroad you will be in a long distance relation with him. and this kind of relation is the hardest to maintain. you will know if he loves you or not, then. right now my advice for you is to wait, have patience and make yourself strong so that if the result is negative, you would be able to move on a bit easily. hope i helped:)