What’s some good relationship advice for a young man who wants to date a mature woman?

I’m 22 here, and I only want to date women who are between 38 and 48 years of age. Do you have any advice on dating women this age?

um i dont know, probably the same

Why are men so complicated, that they arent even capable to get thmselves?

They say they want something, yet if they get it they freak out… They give me advice about other men and relationships yet they do not follow their own advice…
Are men in fact more scared when it comes to love then women?

the problem is we try to please you women too much & you try to complicate thing to much men are easy when you ask how are day was & we say okay it really means it was okay when we say we don’t want be serious we really mean sex is okay but we’re no into a relationship & when we ask what’s wrong we really don’t know what we did so just tell us if you remember these things men are not hard to figure to us the whole point of dating is sex!!! we don’t really start think about if we like you or not till after we have see you naked till then everything is just blahblahblah & us trying to figure out what we have to do or say to get in your pants …… if you want to keep a man do these 3 things Feed us, F*ck us, Leaves alone once in while ( like when the game is on or if hanging with the guys.. it doesn’t mean we don’t love you but once in awhile we just want to be one of the guys) if you do this then we’ll pretty much do anything you want.

relationship advice from a person who cant even keep their own relationship?

i love giving relationship advice. i think im really good at it. people seem to think the same too. i help them out when theyre depressed from a breakup or are in trouble with their relationship. it usually goes well. for some reason it doesnt work out for me. my relationship crashes and burns and i fall into a depression/rage. its pretty sad that i cant help myself isnt it???
not all relationships are ment to be forever but still. what do you think of me and my situation?

Relationships aren’t as easy as putting advice to a problem. This being because most advice is book advice…it’s for the ideal relationship. But the fact is, every single person and every single relationship on earth is different and not all advice can match up 100% with the problem a couple is having.

For instance: In general we say, if you’re feeling uncomfortable with your significant other’s temper problem, talk to them about your concerns and try to make them understand where you’re coming from. This is text book advice. Ideally…this would work for everyone. First couple: The man easily raises his voice, slams doors, hits the walls…scares the woman senseless. So one day, she sits him down and confronts him without being offensive, just as the advice tells her to do. But he’s in denial and gets defensive and says she doesn’t know what she’s talking about and starts saying that there just something wrong with her that she’s trying to cover up. Second couple: The man is the same way. The woman, again, sits him down and confronts him…tells him how he scares her when he gets angry and tells him of all the stuff he does. Realization hits him and he apologizes and from then on, makes an effort to get better.

All advice has to be tweaked here and there to meet the needs of the specific couple and individual. Even here, we give advice…but i by no means think our advice is followed to the letter. The asker tweaks it where it needs to be tweaked to fit his/her needs with his/her relationship and significant other.

How to guys feel when their girl friends gives sexy surprises while doing sex?

I mean like doing anything which they didnt expect..like beng bold,and not being shy..specially oral sex,do straight men like it? This is my first relationship so i need some good advices..Men plzzz help!

Me likey, likey more than life itself 🙂

What does a Man have to do to act like a Man?

My friend gave me some advice on how to win the heart of a girl who is heart broke from her last relationship.

His advice was "Act like a man, take charge but don’t be over zealous."

What does he mean exactly and how do I behave like that? I asked him to be more specific and he really didn’t want too. He said be an ass and don’t ask her what she wants to do just do it.

So how does a man behave like a "man" around women to attract them?

TOTAL confidence and TOTAL belief in ones self gives off the MOST powerful sexual mating smell no woman can resist,you must believe that you are GODS gift to the female population and this is THE most important advice and the actual secret-SENSE OF HUMOUR-any girl is easy,believe me,you simply have to detect their subtle signals and the electricity will begin to fire up until it reaches a crescendo of JUST GIVE IT TO ME NOW ,GL

Why is it 99% of all relationship advice is mostly just guy bashing?

Everytime i look at yahoo or any other site for relationship advice all i see is what wrong with the man, or how to change the man, How you can tell he’s cheating.
I think this is why most guys are how they are, I will keep quiet most of the time about my feelings because in almost all the cases in the advise section we are always to blame and are what it wrong with the world. your comment?

Yup, agreed.

Unfortunately, one of the first relationship lessons a guy learns is that the woman is always right/hard done by/deserves more or better…

What if your husband’s friends are bad influences?

What if your husband’s friends are all single men who have little (or no intimate) experience with women and your husband turns to them, as friends, for relationship advice?! Doesn’t misery love company? Therefore is this the worst possible type of person to ask for relationship advice? Am I just totally missing something here?!

What you are missing is that you only have a problem with it because he is not complying to your demands. If their advice was identical to yours, you wouldn’t have an issue. The fact is; they probably know him a lot better than you do.

How do I increase my penis size and stamia?

I have been struggleing with myself to find out how to become a more sexually experienced man but I seem to be having a problem with achieving maxium performance. I have gain a little ground but I fall short some where. Please only direct answers to my question and no relationship advice. This is just about sex for me and nothing else. If it is possible I would just like to know how to be more sexual experience like a male porn star.


Does anyone have any info about a relationship program from the late 90’s by a ex whorehouse Madam?

In the late 90’s there was a TV program that aired about an ex-Madam who was giving relationship advice. She is a well know whorehouse madam. She said one thing about how men need to feel special and women need to feel pretty. I have searches the web but cannot find anything. I think it was a hour long documentary.

Yes, it was made by Frank Butcher Productions, and can bee seen at http://fans.frankbutcher.net

Why do women let overweight, balding men with an agenda tell them how to act and what to wear?

From my experiences, women imitate what they see on television way more than men do, they take their relationship advice from shows like Sex and the City, Greys Anatomy, etc, and they apply it to their everyday lives. They actually think that the drama inherent in these shows is the way it should be and that peace and harmony in arelationship are not the natural order if things. What women don’t realize or admit is that the writers of these shows are usually old, white, and male, and they usually have an agenda of some sort!

Why are you outside of the kitchen?