What is that one book written by a sexy actress?

I remember seeing this really fun "man guide" in Barnes and Nobles. Some really famous and pretty actress wrote it, it includes man tips relationship advice and stuff like that. I remember the cover is hot pink and there is cartoon version of the sexy actress on top. Also i remember that there is a list of "strikes" for when to dump a guy….Does anyone know the name of that book? or ways to find the name??

Any advice will do…

Here’s some advice: Always go for short, fat bald men. We pack a lot of power!

What romantic relationships have you had in college?

What types of relationships have you experienced in college? or have heard about from friends? Is easy to find hookups? How are the relationships? any advice is welcome 😉

Oh man. College. there are very few serious relationships that end in marriage. That said, there are many month long flings, drunken nights with strangers, and hookups are everywhere.

How do men decide whether a woman is for messing around with or marrying?

How do men decide if a woman is a keeper or a hit and quit it. Is a "keeper" the woman that as soon as you see her you get nervous because she’s so beautiful?

When i met my wife, she was beautiful but i never thought right away she was for me. I had to know her more before knowing she was meant to be. You need to know one very much before deciding if you should marry them or not. Women are easily to understand their expectations from a man. You just need to be confident and faithful with your decisions in relationship. Advice from other people helps a lot as well.

Why do gay men give better relationship advice then straight men?

^^ So says my friend. She is having relationship problems with her boyfriend. Who does she come to for help and advice? To me. I have a few lady friends who call me up from time to time just to get relationship advice on their relationships or on people they are in love with.

When I asked my friend why she always comes to me for help with her relationships she said that gay men give better relationship advice then straight men and that she trusts a gay mans words more then a straight man. She thinks straight men are not as good at helping women with their problems. Why do you suppose that is? Or do you disagree with what she said?

Well obviously they are men, but they also know what it’s like to date a man. So in that aspect, it’s likely that they’d have more insight than anyone else who only knows one of those things. I don’t disagree with that, but, I guess every person is an individual, so it depends. But if we’re generalizing, then I can see why someone would think that.

However, I don’t think that straight men can’t give good advice about relationships. Anyone can give good advice.

Relationship advice when it comes to answering a dumb question about a past lover?

The other night my husband asked me if he was the biggest man I slept with and I said honestly? He wanted to know. So I told him when I was 18 I dated a black personal trainer at the gym who had a very large penis. It has been 2 days and he still hasn’t spoken to me, what can I do to make it better?

The phrase ‘once you go black, we don’t want you back’ springs to mind.

Most men simply can’t find a white woman attractive if she has been with a black man, i’m sorry to say.

Best keep that info to yourself in the future.

Why do women take their relationship advice primarily from other women?

Believe it or not, heterosexual men are an essential component of most heterosexual relationships . Why do so many women think feminists, female oriented magazines, women like Oprah and manginas like Dr Phil understand the male half? Like Oprah is doing so great in her "relationship" with Stedman!

Ladies, in case you hadn’t noticed yet, long term monogamous relationships are going the way of the dodo bird. You are following your clueless gurus off the edge of a cliff.

Good luck with all that.

The problem isn’t from whom they are taking relationship advice per se, it is that they are asking for advice in the first place.

What I mean by this is that when you have a problem in your relationship you shouldn’t be running about to all and sundry airing your dirty laundry and asking for "advice". What you should be doing is talking to your partner, not other people. And if that is not working then you need to seek help from a professional, not a friend.

And as for those morons like Dr. Phil and Oprah, they aren’t there to help people, they are there to get ratings or sell their latest book. It is time for people to wake and understand that.

Can I get some men with children relationship advice?

I recently met a wonderful man who is the father of four. We are both in our early 30’s and have so much in common. We enjoy our time together. I have no children of my own, but want some at some point. I just can’t help but to wonder if I am going down a doomed path. Does anyone know of anyone in my situation that turned out positive? Let me know what you think because I am floundering over here. Thanks!

If you marry this man and have children with him, his children will resent you for the rest of their lives.

I’m finally single again. I don’t want to date a million men but hate loneliness. How should I proceed?

I do attract the kind of men I’d love to be with. That thank GOD isn’t a problem. I am in love with love so the singleness will only last so long. I’m taking my time but get lonely easily. I know myself well and am being positive. Advice from men or other divorcees will help but everyone, what do you think? I have 2 kids so they will eventually factor into the kind of relationship that works. Thanks!

When you say you hate the loneliness, how long have you ever been alone or single? I’m asking because some people never give themselves a chance to adjust and actually learn to be at peace with themselves and enjoy some alone time. From my personal experience, I was very lonely for the first year after I got divorced (ended an 18 year marriage). I had a couple of wise friends convince me to be patient and not rush into another relationship and they assured me that if I waited, the loneliness would subside and I might actually enjoy being alone. Fast forward three years later and I’m in a healthy relationship with a wonderful woman and I’m not rushing to slip a ring on her finger nor have her move in because I can’t be alone for five minutes. I’m a better boyfriend because I’m not all lonely/needy/clingy and happier than I’ve ever been. Just a suggestion…try to casually date or like another reader suggested, spend more time with family and friends and try being "you" for a while, not part of a couple. You may find after the initial adjustment period that you like being alone with you.

Why do women who clearly have no experience with relationships give advice like they are an expert?

I have notice this trend of women who clearly have little to no dating experience giving advice about relationships to men and women alike. While I don’t claim to be some dating guru, I sure know enough not to listen to these women who give off terrible advice. Why do women pretend to know it all when you can clearly tell she has no idea what she is talking about?

Yeah that is beyond me. The worst part is it is usually from some woman that could never get a date or is multiple divorced..