How has feminism backfired for personal relationships?

For example: Though women have sexual freedom they don’t have true commitment. Since sex is readily available?

Though women are competing and succeeding in the work force, yet they are failing at home with absent parenting in both single/dual income families?

When making more money yet the supply of men who makes as much or more are in short supply.

And finally, women making the money and yet men still have to pay to maintain some semblance of femininity?

Apathy from men towards relationships and family roles.

talk about questions from another decade!

sexual freedom does not indicate a lack of commitment in a committed relationship. sexual freedom means a woman can declare what she wants in the bedroom and have a one night stand if she chooses or not. it’s sexual freedom, not mandated sexual activity.

many mothers work and raise healthy, happy, well adjusted children.
and it is simply not possible for many families to survive financially on one income.

why does a woman have to make as much or less than her partner?
income is income. if a man feels emasculated by the fact that his partner makes more than him that is his issue, not hers.

men do not have to pay. it is considered custom to some people but like society it is changing. our children may consider this an antiquated notion by the time they are young adults and dating.

and if a man is apathetic to his familial responsibiltiy that is not his wife/partner’s fault. it is his. how does feminism cause apathy by men toward relationships and family roles.

please include some sources to back up your claims next time.

You think interracial couples make the most beautiful babies? Especially those with a white and black parents?

I think Mixed women and white men relationships are so awesome!

Best racial mixtures from top to bottom.

1. Black-White
2. Asian-Black
3. White-Asian.

Race doesn’t matter though, it’s the person that does.

Is it strange for women to buy each other underwear and thong gifts to each other?

They have been friends for many years and both have had unsteady man relationships for years.

well i don’t think so. my bestfriend is a female she got me a pair of cute sexy thongs and i got her some too. it was just for kicks

How to be attractive as a woman trying to attract men for sex?

versus for women trying to attract men for relationships?

experienced women, pls answer. thanks! most men i meet are interested only in the sex.

Most of us Chaps seek easy sex, its just in our nature but it doesnt mean we never want a relationship. If you show some strength and humour he will be putty…. trust me.

What makes a woman feel happy in a relationship?

Specifically a 1 woman with 1 man relationship
And happy about a relationship.

Generally speaking having someone who will:
– Respect them
– Be there for them
– Love them for who they are
– Be honest, open and communicate with them

Is Gods relationship with man more important than woman’s?

In the Tanakah or the Bible I feel there’s an emphasis on mans relationship with God rather than woman’s relationship with God which i see as unvalued. Do you see evidence of this? Is woman’s role more geared towards mans ease of life and furthering his relationship with god?

The way I see it, when the Bible uses the word man, it generally means, "human."
Women in the biblical era were meant to serve their husbands but that was because of Adam and Eve. Man (humans), fell and women from that moment on were cursed to have childbirth pains and being under their husbands. Today, in first world countries, men and women are pretty equal, so in that way, we’re moving forward toward God’s original intentions for man (humans).

As for women’s relationship with God, it is the opposite of unvalued. God interacts with women all the time. Look at Rehab, Leah, and Deborah. Those were some strong women. Women, yes, according to biblical law, are meant to helping men further their relationship with God, but men are supposed to do the same.

I don’t know everything there is to know about about the Bible, but that’s the way I see it and I hope it helps.

How long does it take someone to get over a relationship and ready to be in a new one?

I have been dating a really great guy. We have become such wonderful friends and I know we care about each other a lot. He’s hesitant to be in a relationship with me because he just got out of a long term long distance relationship, a month and a half ago.

What does he need to be "over it" and ready? How can I maintain our friendship without getting my hopes up and then be disappointed?

He’s Just Not That Into You:
The No-Excuses Truth to Understanding Guys
By Greg Behrendt and Liz Tuccillo

What it says about men: In the words of author Greg Behrendt, "If a (sane) guy really likes you, there ain’t nothing that’s going to get in his way." This bestselling book is refreshingly upbeat, managing to focus less on man-bashing and more on women’s inability to recognize a disinterested partner.

How to handle its readers: Like most self help books, readers of He’s Just Not That Into You come away highly empowered. They know if you don’t treat them properly, another, better-suited man gladly will. Women like these are likely to have little patience for your immaturity, so making a good first impression is key. Authors Greg Behrendt and Liz Tuccillo challenge their readers to avoid men who:
Keep them waiting by the phone
Are not sure they want a relationship
Make them feel sexually undesirable
Drink or do drugs to an extent it makes them uncomfortable
Fear talking about the future
Are married

Read more:

Seriously, is a woman a Mistress if Married Man is separated and 2yr relationship with OW is not a secret?

Estranged Wife, friends, family, co workers everyone knows of married mans relationship with ow and life goes on as it should. Is women still a mistress although she is not a secret just because man is not divorced?

If he’s separated then no

she’s just a girl he’s seeing

Poll! What kind of relationship do you think lasts the longest and is the most passionate and loving?

– Straight relationships
– Lesbian relationships
– Gay men relationships

and why?

Every relationship has its advantages and pitfalls.

Gay men’s are very unique because it is hard to come by, considering all social stigma. But it is beautiful and surreal.

Lesbian’s may be a little bit easier, because women are more open to one another, they form sisterhood much easier than those alpha gay males. However, it is still extraordinary and lovely.

Straight’s has 1000+ years of nurtures and examples. They are celebrated by songs, poems and films. They are definitely cherish-able and spectacular when 2 becomes 1.

They are all wonderful as long as right people are together.

What keeps a man and womans relationship working properly?

I am an attractive woman 40 years of age.My relationship with men don’t seem to last very long.
Does anyone have any tips about how to nuture a man woman relationship.

Sounds corny but communication is key. In addtion as humans we are more geared towards those that attract our eyes. This is fine but once you have identifed the fact that you are attracted to that person become FRIENDS and then consider a relationship. GOOD LUCK!!!!