How long after a relationship ending can I start asking them for relationship advice?

I was in a light relationship with this girl and now we are still good friends. I don’t really have any female friends other than her, and she knows me the best, and and has been on that side of the relationship and would know how I can improve myself. We have both moved on and she is in a new relationship.

Asking an ex for advice is not that good of an idea sometimes. It really depends on the type of advice your looking for. To improve yourself? She could say talk more but maybe the next girl says talk less. You know what I mean? I guess it depends on the advise your asking for. If she has been in the same situation as you, and she knows you so well, she may be able to give you real good advice, but on the other hand she could give you advice based on her experience with you and it may not be that good of advice. I’m sure that you are a pretty smart guy though and could be able to determine if her answer was a legit helpful one or just completely bogus. if you are still close, I would just ask her.

Me and my ex are still close and I ask him for advice all the time, and he actually helped me land my
new man, your not going to know if its useful till you try. 🙂