Should I come back for the man I love? ADVICE PLEASE!?

Since I was about 14 I have been in love with this man. He is two years older than me. We have been through our up and downs and each of us have a fistful of failed relationships that have spanned 11 years. Neither one of us stay with someone longer than a year. A few years back he came to me trying to be in a relationship but I had gained a ton of weight due to depression and was really giving off negative energy. He tried to come around a few more times but I always put him off. This caused jealousies and a lot of drama. One time when he dropped me off we were sitting in his car and there was a shooting star. Me and him have NEVER had sexual intercourse only oral. He had "issues" in that area. The thing is he has ended relationships with women because he couldnt kiss them but he ALWAYS kisses me and tells me its hard for him to kiss anyone else. But these same women he has had sex with @ times. It confuses me.

Once we were hanging out years ago and he said something about being around when everything is said and done. The thing is I am getting my body and mind in order after many trials and feel the time is right for me to "claim" him. I just always had this lurking feeling that he is the one. I’ve never felt that for any other man and I’m not man crazy at all. Through all his relationships I always feel like "that won’t last" and it doesnt. I will not offer him sex like these other women, I want to offer him love and respect and commitment then eventually the privilege of my body.. I am afraid to come back because the fear of being wrong is almost paralyzing….what should I do? and what is your view of the situation. I pray for him and for us…Will it matter that we grew up believing different Gods..mine Jesus his Jehovah? I just need answers and insight

Loving someone and wanting to be loved are 2 very different things.
Sit and think of the difference and take your own steps forward with your own two feet without any outside interference. You only learn from mistakes. Getting your hand held through life will not teach you anything.

And it’s not, "Me and him", it’s, "Him and I."
You’ll lose points on your exams unless you learn proper vocabulary.

Please give me advice, I love this man with all of my heart!?

I was with him for a year and a half. He is 29 and i am 32. My daughter is 12. He was the sweetest man ever. He loved both of us and called my daughter his own. She loved him as well and even called him Dad. Things were going good besides the occasional bump in the road like any other relationship. We had things we were working on and neither one of us were perfect. We had plans to get married and buy a house and planned to be together forever. He got a job offer two and a half hrs away. He took it not even consulting me or considering what it would do to us. It killed me that he would do that but I didn’t want to lose him. We tried to see each other on wknds and I agreed that when we got married we would move there to be with him. He continued pushing us away and started ignoring us and eventually broke up with me on text. It killed me beyond words. He didn’t really communicate with me much since then until the other night. I had tried reaching out to him several times and he was very short and blunt, no feelings shown. The other night I went out with a new guy and my ex was in town. I didn’t plan on running into him and it was hard. He texted me while we were in the same place. He just asked if i hated him etc. and it led to us talking more on e-mail this week. He said he was sorry for the things he did and the way he did them. He said he didn’t mean for things to fall apart the way that they did. He admitted that he should have handled everything with us a lot better but that business stress got to him and the little fights we had pushed him away and he shut down.I still love him with all of my heart. I told him I forgave him. I was trying to be understanding but still letting him know that if he hadn’t given up we could have worked through anything together. He said he still loves us both so much and it kills him everyday. He said he loves me in several emails. He says that he asks about us all the time. He said that he would like for us to try to be there for each other to help each other through things. I said that I couldn’t be his friend after all of the future plans we had that fell apart and he said that he is still working on himself and that is why he says friends. He said that his mind was so stressed and he just needed a break. He keeps saying just needed a "break". He says that he sees things everywhere that remind him of us. He explains the different ways that he was trying to work on things for us or that he knew I was trying to work on things for us. I just dont know what to do. He hasn’t asked about getting back together. I want to keep things slow and calm. I don’t want to upset him or "stress" him out. I want to be understanding and try to give him time to think it through. I just wonder if he wants to be back with me? He says he just didn’t know how to fix it. He was such a sweet man and then started just ignoring us. It was not truly him. It makes me so sad because I have dated five guys since we broke up eight mths ago and I know that I love him! The last communication was from me I sent him an email saying that I had some things to say about what could of been the problem with him and what might of been going on with him when he got overloaded with stress. I was just trying to help him. But that was yesterday. No response. Please help me.

Wow, I can really feel your heart in this issue. We are human we mess up, this was a big one. You are dealing with it correctly. You still have to heal from what happened. Do not let your love make you be in a rush to put this back together. Keep going slow, this will take time. Let him come to you only when you feel you are ready.

Is it really true that men love women that are big chested, big butt and curves?

I only ask this because I’m short (5’3") and about a C/B cup size. But I am skinny, only 115 lbs. I have looked and looked and always found the same thing. Big Boobs and a big butt make for a better match. I get passed over by men all the time. I dress to show off the goods, any advice?

stuff your bra or panties and plus a man should love you for who you are

I Love two men, how to choose?

Stressed & Im just looking for advice. Thanks in advice

I love 2 men, one I share a 5 year old daughter with but have gone through a ton of heartache with. He recently told me he didn’t like me or love me in the past which is why he treated me like garbage he felt he needed to be with me because I was pregnant but now and for the past 2-3 years he does love me. WOW that was a slap in the face but anyway the last 2-3 have been better than the prior years but still all in all it’s been hell. We broke up a few months ago and i moved out but now we are starting to work on things again because he actually is acting like father and changing (a little). There is very little trust, intamicy, and passion in our relationship.

Now there is a new man I met 6 months ago when my daughters father and I broke up. There is Crazy chemistry and we care about each other very much. He is the total oppisite of my daughters dad and has came off as nothing less than respectful motivated and compssionate. While we were dating my daughter had him wrapped around her finger. We all had lots of fun together. To me he is perfect for me, perfect for us. But I still love my daughters dad. I see and talk to both at the moment. The new guy knows about the first, & is not happy with it but says he will wait for me and just wants me to be happy . My daughters father knows nothing, he would flip.

I feel like I don’t know the second man well enough to completely end my relationship with the first. It scares me, but I also don’t want to settle….

So you are stringing along the father as a "plan B" guy.
You don’t want to settle, but you will give the father false hope.
Be a grown up and end it.

Advice?? Love my married friend…? I’m straight!?

I’m a mid twenties female, straight and been in 3 serious relationships. Problem is I feel like I am falling for my female friend who is married with a family. I don’t think of women sexually.. They don’t turn me on at all. I love a man’s body but I find myself thinking about this girl and want to be with her all the time. I wouldn’t and can’t tell her or anyone but I am having a hard time with this. I’ve felt admiration for women before, like girl crushes or whatever but could this be bc I’ve been hurt by men? I only can see myself with a man and family in the future. I just don’t want to even give any guys a chance, I’d rather just be with her.. Not sexually at all but just spend time, etc?? I’m so confused.. Any sound advice would be appreciated 🙂

Well, if there’s no sexual interest, then I don’t think you’re bisexual. I just think you have a strong emotional bond with her, which is OK to a point. It’s sounds like maybe you’re obssessing. Do you have a little bit of OCD? Do you obssess over other things? Maybe the reason you have such strong feelings is because you feel unfulfilled with other relationships in your life. Anyway, I think the reason is psychological. Maybe you feel "safe" with her because she’s a married woman and there’s no chance of a romantic relationship, thus no chance of being hurt.

Sorry Guys, but I need advice from Bi’s and Lesbians. Do I love my best friend?

Ok, I’ve always been very attracted to men, and I still am. I can’t imagine dating or falling in love with another women. But my best friend seems to break these rules I have for my self.
I don’t think I fancy her, but I think shes incredible. I think about her alot and I do want to kiss her, but never went through the crush stage.
She always tells me she loves me and misses me (we live 200 miles apart so only see her maybe once a month). But I’m not sure whether I ‘love’ her just because the distance makes seeing each other extra special.
I don’t even mind being seen as Bi or whatever, because I know that I still love men, and I’m currently seeing a guy.
My friend though, just brings out feelings I’ve never had before! Shes ‘straight’ aswell, but we do joke about being lesbians as girls are easier to get on with, and she asked me to move to Bristol for her.
So does she fancy me maybe?
I’m 18, and straight (primarily) with no previous experience of this, so would love some advice from older people. Thanks guys x

Well, even if you can’t imagine yourself dating or falling in love with another woman, if you can imagine dating or falling in love with your friend, then you might be bi or lesbian. Your friend is a woman! You fancy her and want to kiss her, yet you’ve not been through the crush stage? That does actually sound like the crush stage to me. It’s not like you have to fancy all women, if you can’t imagine being with one, it might just be you’re not in love with them. I think it might be different if you fall in love.

Anyways, you are with a boyfriend now, so don’t mess that up, but if you aren’t happy with him, you should break up with him, and try dating women. Or maybe tell your friend how you feel.

I love 2 different men. Can u give advice? 10 points 5 stars best answer.?

Ok I’m indecisive when it comes 2 myself so I need some advice r suggestions no mean comments unless helpful. I’m 30 no kids yet been with a guy for 4 yrs. Hes sweet kind & a great friend he has 2 kids that I love dearly n vice versa. He propose to me a yr ago. We r not n a rush to get married. His entire family loves me mom dad n two sisters n extended fam also. Well the other guy I met at 19 we been friends ever since. I haven’t contacted him since being engaged because it’s not necessary when ur committed. He respects that. Well my fiance messed up n lied to me about where he was going to be (more than once) and I found out lots of woman were there. Lies aren’t good but we r human no one is perfect but life is scary. 2 wrongs don’t make a right I know. Anyway I ran into my other "guy" no kids 31 his mom adores me nephews n brother does too. I do too! So he’s been their for me when I moved I had trouble with my fam he let me live with him n his mom I was 24 at the time ( his mom is sick he takes care of her) Told me about guys and how they view things andthat he wasn’t ready I respect that b honest up front. So I spoke with him recently he says he misses me n would love to see me. I know he’s a good friend he gave me advice and said give the other guy a chance but if it fails he will b there for me n won’t rush. He just want to see me. See I love them both they have great potential n loving hearts. I’m not in love because I know that means nothing could change my heart about the person I would b in love with I was in love once. I have strong love for both. I’m just confused as to what should I do how to go about choosing. They have the same type of job and have plenty of time for me. Both handsome tall and intelligent book smart n street smart. What would you guys do?!?! Help!!!! I’m ready to build a family n start my life. Excuse this text ( the writing) I did this from my phone not my PC.
Lol nope I know u don’t know me I shorten my first and last name for my screen name. If u know my full name then u know me

Bri, tell me it isnt true, you didnt think I would find you on here? Your screen name is your real name, I cant believe this… were done, done…

umm… Brianna Tatelman?

Need some love advice?!?

I’m 16 and would like to know something…Is it possible to be with one man for the rest of your life? Iv been with my boyfriend over a year now…His 19 which means his more mature at least…And his been my 1st (sex partner) and I’m happy that I’m finally settling down from dating…I do believe I’m not to young to be in love… I would like the public to express their feelings without saying I’m to young…I believe there’s love in any age…I just want to know if its possible to love one man for the rest of your life? Thnx in advance

Yes it is. My boyfriend and I started dating when he was 16 and I was 15. Now we are 19. We have dated for 3 1/2 years. I Iove him and he loves me. We want to get married after college. He is the only guy I ever want to be with. I know I’m the only girl he wants to be with.

I love 2 men, I need advice please…?

I’m with a guy who loves me, we’ve been together for a couple of years now. We have spoken about marriage, kids, the whole 9 yards. Throughout our time together he has been selfish and disrespoectful a lot of times, but even so he still loves me. I’ve always tried to fix our issues but now I’m kind of tired and don’t want to try. Well, me and my first love broke up 1 yeart before I got with my guy and it was basically because we were young and going to different school. We really never fell out of love. Throughout the years we have kept in contact, He is the sweetest guy I’ve ever been with and he really loves me and wants to make me happy. If I break up with my guy, it would destroy him. He needs me, he isn’t that stable. What to do??

Leave the lame so he gets a life, his own life, together. What a loser

I need advice, I love 2 men!!?

The one I’m with, we have been together for years now. He really loves me but has been thorugh a lot so he really doesn’t show his feelings a lot, thinks about himself a lot and doesn’t recognize his mistakes…even so, he loves me and I also do. The other one is my first love, he broke up with me when we were going to other schools. He said he felt insecure. Anyways all these years later we still keep in contact and he says he still loves me and his biggest regret was to let me go. He is VERY sweet and caring and he definatley wants to make me happy. Even though I am taken, I can’t help but miss my first love. I do love my current bf and I don’t want to hurt him, but I feel I should give it a chance with my first love. Any suggestions??

Are you willing to throw away your current love for an old love who dropped you without even trying to fix whatever the situation might have been? You have to ask yourself that question… me personally, I would not.

Also, everybody remembers their first love it is very common to over romanticize it. Just think about your next step because it could be a disaster if your not careful.