Poll! What kind of relationship do you think lasts the longest and is the most passionate and loving?

– Straight relationships
– Lesbian relationships
– Gay men relationships

and why?

Every relationship has its advantages and pitfalls.

Gay men’s are very unique because it is hard to come by, considering all social stigma. But it is beautiful and surreal.

Lesbian’s may be a little bit easier, because women are more open to one another, they form sisterhood much easier than those alpha gay males. However, it is still extraordinary and lovely.

Straight’s has 1000+ years of nurtures and examples. They are celebrated by songs, poems and films. They are definitely cherish-able and spectacular when 2 becomes 1.

They are all wonderful as long as right people are together.

What keeps a man and womans relationship working properly?

I am an attractive woman 40 years of age.My relationship with men don’t seem to last very long.
Does anyone have any tips about how to nuture a man woman relationship.

Sounds corny but communication is key. In addtion as humans we are more geared towards those that attract our eyes. This is fine but once you have identifed the fact that you are attracted to that person become FRIENDS and then consider a relationship. GOOD LUCK!!!!

Any movies about mature women and younger man relationship?

Any movies about mature women and younger man relationship?

40 Carats
Tim (1979)
Cheri (2009)
White Palace
The Graduate
Harold and Maude
My Cousin Rachel
Ladies in Lavender.
All That Heaven Allows
A Cold Wind in August
The Last Picture Show
Say Hello to Yesterday
Camille ~ various versions
Matters of the Heart (1990)
What’s Eating Gilbert Grape
How Stella Got Her Groove Back
Sunset Boulevard aka Sunset Blvd.

Do white guys feel threatened by the interracial dating community?

White women and black men relationships are becoming more and more popular. White guys: Do you ever feel worried?
It’s actually not that big a deal to me. And I’m not racist. I was just asking.

I get that vibe from some of them. They try to belittle bm/ww relationships by saying either the white woman is always dumb, fat, whorish or ugly. Like black dudes can only get the trash of their race.

In a way this denotes insecurity from *some* white men. I mean if you didn’t care. Why comment negatively? It’s not like these black dudes are stealing their white women. These white women are WILLINGLY latching on to these black men. Some white chicks get a little crazy though. I’m tired of them giving me the evil eye. I’m like, "Betch please". I don’t give a sh*t.

Can a cancer woman and a libra man have a successful relationship?

I just starting dating a guy a few weeks ago. We get along really well and have a lot in common but I can’t help but think that our relationship might fail because I’m a cancer and he’s a libra. I feel like I should just end it now if it’s doomed to fail. Has anyone had a successful cancer woman/libra man relationship? I know I shouldn’t put a lot of stake into astrology but I can’t help thinking about it.

….. *facepalm*

Astrology is considered a pseudoscience for a reason, sweetheart.

What is the mystique for a younger man to pursue an older woman?

I am 35 and would like to date an older man however I am constantly pursued by younger men. I am currently "seeing" a younger man that is just awesome….if her were older…and when he is older I wish I were younger…hahaha! How many people have seen an older woman/younger man relationship. Just need to prepare myself…are we just having fun or could this go anywhere.

You cannot predict the outcome of a relationship based on age alone. Do you think cave people had IDs or memory of their birthdates and therefore accounts of their biological age? They based relationships on attraction alone, age difference were a man should always be older than the woman is nothing more than a side effect of civilization.

does any one know how the LEO woman and SAGITTARIUS man relationship is?

would a leo woman and sagittarius man relationship last.i really feel as if me and him have chemistry together…any details and tips would help peeps.thanks

Leo and Sagittarius are very compatible for each other. The relationship is good because they both like the same things.

What does a younger man see in an older woman?

I’d love to hear from those who are in or have been in an older woman/younger man relationship. I’d especially like to hear the guy’s point of view. I’m in a relationship where I’m quite a bit older than my guy. I’m fine with it, but sometimes I wonder if it bothers him.

Class, sexiness, a brain, down to earth, knows what she wants, won’t play games but yet still likes to have fun, knows her body, is comfortable being who she is, doesn’t need to be fake…I am married to a woman older than myself.

Though there are some pretty young girls out there, I woudln’t like a relationship with any of them. They seem too fake, they seem like the purposely act dumb to get attention, their sense of style is not what I consider sexy, and I’ll be damned if I have to have a conversation with them via text messaging.

Why do black women always claim that they are attracted to black men?

Is it because no other race of men will dig them. We all know they are the least desirable. Who are you trying to fool. Black women always make this excuse when other race of women ask them why aren’t black women/non black men relationship common?

The real Danger is cute.

Most black women do love black men. What’s it to you?

Are there any virgo women and aquarius man or virgo women and scorpio man relationships?

Are there any virgo women and aquarius man or virgo women and scorpio man relationships?
if there are tell me how yalls relationship is…whats good about it…? whats bad about it?

A famous scorpio man was Charles Manson, crazed psycho mass murderer. Another is Bill Bryson, jovial travel writer.

A famous aquarius man was Richard Ramirez, serial killer. Another famous one was Abraham Lincoln, US president who abolished slavery.

And mother Tereza was a virgo.

Pointless isn’t it?