Dating Advice: How To Flirt

Yes, it’s true. Guys flirt too! Here’s how to let that girl know that you like her without having to have that awkward “I like you” talk. These are general flirting tips. To see flirting for specific situations, watch “Flirting Tips”. PLEASE READ:
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The Wing Girls is a weekly dating advice show for guys. Hosts Jet and Star give their opinions and how-to advice about relationships, sex, kissing, dating, and everything every guy wants to know about girls. New episodes every Wednesday.

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25 thoughts on “Dating Advice: How To Flirt

  1. Thnx I’m on my way …
    Thnx I’m on my way 6th grade but still haven’t flirted much well bcuz I’m to nervous

  2. it will be so …
    it will be so stupid while you r flirting with a girl and the whole time u r staring at her tits

  3. XD lets do it…..i …
    XD lets do it…..i know its juvinial but its still what gose through my head =)

  4. or you tell a funny …
    or you tell a funny joke and either wile laughing or those few seconds after the long laugh you look into her eyes

  5. My (successful) …

    My (successful) style:

    1: Walk up to a pretty girl.

    2: Tell her you want to bang her.

    3: If she doesn’t respond well to this, hit her on the head with a blunt object. (Practice off of? lumber jacks)

    4: Take her home.

    And that’s how to succesfuly score. ;D

  6. if u go to skool …
    if u go to skool with her thats good cuz when u on the date talk about smthin funny and about skool or sumthin funny yall 2 did at skool like remember when we got mad at the teacher and u or i had your back

  7. the girl on the …
    the girl on the right reminds me of Lily from ‘Popular’

  8. I don’t think thaat …
    I don’t think thaat was flirting when she said I hate you? 0_o

  9. @FA9082 hhahaha πŸ˜€ …
    @FA9082 hhahaha πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ mannn

  10. get r’ done. …
    get r’ done. yea im a real country boy. this is actually some good advice.

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