Dating Tips for Guys: A Woman’s Perspective : How to Cure Yourself of Nice-Guy Syndrome

Cure nice-guy syndrome by establishing your own schedule and build a sense of self-worth that keeps you from being used. Get out of the “friend trap” in a relationship with advice from a female dating coach in this free video on dating tips for guys.

Expert: Jessica Claire
Bio: Jessica Claire is the host of her own midnight hour talk radio show, where she gives advice on dating.
Filmmaker: Paul Muller

Duration : 0:1:20

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25 thoughts on “Dating Tips for Guys: A Woman’s Perspective : How to Cure Yourself of Nice-Guy Syndrome

  1. FRAK YOU !

    THIS …
    FRAK YOU !



  2. @Kang5030


    actually i changed my tactics and became, in the words of what one girl told me over the phone two weeks ago, a “monumental douchebag”

    it gets me what i want. and im gonna keep acting like that until i do meet a woman of substance, or at least until i know im going after women who have matured enough.

  3. @jsbeard18
    More …

    More like YOU get the leftovers.

    You spend your time fawning over women, masking your own mistakes by saying you’re “nice”… whatever the that means to you… and being hurt when people lose their patience with your lack of maturity.

    But instead of picking yourself back up and approaching it smarter? You go BITTER. You blame the girls. You stop being your own man. You cling to childish vengeance and spite instead of manning up.

    Women aren’t robots. Neither are you.

  4. Yeah, I’m a nice …
    Yeah, I’m a nice guy, I always put people before me in any case…

  5. Bottom line: Treat …
    Bottom line: Treat women like and you WILL get laid.

  6. @controversyking …
    @controversyking what women say and what they do are NEVER congruent. Don’t pay attention to her words, pay attention to what she DOES. Problem solved forever.

  7. You’re right, he …
    You’re right, he jerk doesn’t always get the girl… we only get them 99% of the time = )

  8. A man does, indeed, …
    A man does, indeed, need to know how to set appropriate boundaries in his personal life. If allowed, women will use nice guys to move their apartment, get them lunches & dinners, and simply turn them into their surrogate girlfriends.

    There’s no need to become some insufferable A**hole! Real men are, by their very nature, self-confident and a bit aloof from the drama that women love so dearly!

    One needs to become a magnet of attraction by the force of their personality. This can be learned.

  9. Women who say they …
    Women who say they are looking for a nice guy are only looking for somebody to use until they can find another bad boy. So, thank you nice guys, for taking care of my women until i can get to them.

  10. establish …
    establish boundaries and don’t let anyone waste your time….you can have a pleasant disposition without being a doormat…..say no a lot more….always have your own plans to do something cool for the weekend; then whether she flakes on you or not, you’re still doing something cool for the weekend; just invite someone else or go solo;

  11. 2. I’m sure a lot …
    2. I’m sure a lot of those dried up old, 4 kid, badboy chasers would love to get their hands into my wallet but it’s not going to happen.

  12. I’m a nice guy so I …
    I’m a nice guy so I was soundly rejected by almost every woman I approached. Eventually I had to adjust and learn to be happy alone. Now I’m middle aged and have nearly zero desire to date. Oddly now women hang around waiting for me to talk to them. It’s kind of pathetic. They waited too long, the good life I could have shared with them is over. I spent that life single.
    Now I’m nearly debt free, mortgage payoff due in September and I live comfortably on 25% of my take home pay.

  13. there is a golden …
    there is a golden rule in life

    man want one thing woman want everything….

  14. Syndrome? WTF! …
    Syndrome? WTF! Women have syndromes. ALL of them! Men dont!
    And what “mussles”? Cant ya spell?

  15. @controversyking aw …
    @controversyking aw that sucks man, its not worth being a douchebag for any girl 🙁

  16. What about WOMEN …
    What about WOMEN understanding men. Theres soo much pressure for men but women forget they arnt doing things rite all the time.

  17. another way to cure …
    another way to cure yourself from nice guy syndrom is just beating up women. then you are not a nice guy anymore!

    but that might not be the best idea. perhaps saying that said woman is fat to make her less confident in her own looks, will be enough?

  18. @Putakevospariu Ok, …
    @Putakevospariu Ok, how am I supposed to take it? Upside-down? You stated the term “woman market” and then implied that I said it, which is confusing.

    Bottom line, though, MY OPINION is that there are many women from Europe who are better (personality-wise) and who look better (physically).

  19. @ApollosInsight …
    @ApollosInsight dude, read before you reply, i said DIFFERENT KIND OF woman market, not woman market, and woman market is not to be taken to the letter, and you said that you thought woman outside america, WERE BETTER, not looked better. When you said WERE BETTER, I probably misunderstood as woman outside america have a better personality, wich i replied to and said in other words that, no they do not have a better personality.

  20. @Putakevospariu No, …
    @Putakevospariu No, I NEVER implied that Europe was a “woman market”. I’m guessing that you’re a woman b/c you took what I said far out of context and didn’t even try to understand my viewpoint of why I said what I said.

    And yes, I do believe that Eastern European, Central and South American, and SE Asian women are+look a lot better than American women.

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