Black Marriage/ Sometimes It Just Ain’t That Serious/ B Intentional/ Black Love

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3 thoughts on “Black Marriage/ Sometimes It Just Ain’t That Serious/ B Intentional/ Black Love

  1. I found the full …
    I found the full video at

    watch PP last PP movies. com (delete PP’s)

  2. @Greendestiny122388 …
    You and I are alike Greendestiny! I’ve had to be very intentional about working on this over time. I, too, can be quite emotional….it’s a part of my make up. But, I know that I definitely have to take a chill pill at times! LOl!

  3. Good advice! With …
    Good advice! With me being an emotional person, sometimes I react to situations with my boyfriend as if they are mountains when really they are molehills. Given that I’m aware of my temperance(and my boyfriend had called me a crybaby more than once), I try my best to calm down and ask myself whether the severity of the situation is equal to the severity of my emotions.

    Once again, thanks for the advice and keep up with the good work!

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