How to Get Over A Breakup

How to survive a breakup and how to get over a breakup. Advice Diaries for Tina Tobin’s Love Em Or Leave Em Relationship Advice Series.

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25 thoughts on “How to Get Over A Breakup

  1. heej , last night …
    heej , last night I dreamed that my ex girlfriend came in to my house and I killed here with a knife… strange cause we split like 4 years ago and I had other girlsfriends afther here

  2. i dont think i can …
    i dont think i can let her go because i know its dumb but when i did…well it hurt not just menally but phsically my deppression came back for a couple of days…and i just love her to much!

  3. Thanks for reaching …
    Thanks for reaching out. Most people who say “please wait for me” are being dishonest or may change their minds. I think that you should move on, continue to be your wonderful self and by the time she comes back you probably won’t even be interested anymore. xoxo

  4. what if the girl …
    what if the girl that broke up with you says “please wait for me” im really pissed,heart torn and sad right now so i need a serious response

  5. I love the break up …
    I love the break up songs & the ex box. Too funny. I was surprised to hear that even the goddess has had her heartbroken, and I thought you did all the heartbreaking.

  6. YES! lol. I think …
    YES! lol. I think that I left the ice cream out on purpose because I’m trying to stay fit and even mentioning it inspires crackish ice cream cravings!!! Hhehehee!

  7. I like the X Box …
    I like the X Box concept. I just tossed mine in the trash. Oh, do not forget the Ben and Jerrys for the crying session.

  8. I haven’t heard of …
    I haven’t heard of her but I’ll def check her out. Thanks…stay blessed 🙂

  9. Do you know the …
    Do you know the singer Lina? She’s very similar to Vivane Green! Good stuff. Thanks for watching. xoxo

  10. lol @ shoot him …
    lol @ shoot him again. I would listen to Vivane Green’s “Love Story” album to it’s the best ever! I agree focusing on negative will just bring you down further…I just like to think like Ron Burgundy…I’m kind of a big deal lol. Great tips.

  11. Girl, get it …
    Girl, get it straight, it’s the Jr Colleges ! hahahahahh

    What can I say, the younger ones have more energy when it comes to the bedroom then the older men do for sure ! hahahah

  12. Girl, why you gotta …
    Girl, why you gotta throw out the jewelry ?
    Girl, I’d be taking that stuff to the Pawn Shop !!

    Celebrate, Yes, celebrate being single again and Celebrate being a Cougar and go come the high schools ! LOL
    J/K, Just the junior colleges ! hahaha

    Song – For me it was “Heartless” LOL
    And “When you see my face, I hope it brings you HELL” LOL

  13. Girl you should …
    Girl you should just “Waiting to Exhale” !
    Set that Sh*t on FIRE !! BURN BABY BURN! LMAO ! LOL

    Change your number if necessary and move on, stay busy.
    Mmmm Rebound Sex, Well only if it helps ! hahahahhah
    And if it’s good, I say go with it, just don’t let them know where you live in case the guy gets hooked ! hahaha

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