On Marriage & Having Kids

Samples from Chapter 10 (Wanted: One Sperm Donor. Must Be Financially Secure!) in Straight Talk with Gay Guys: What Girlfriends Can’t Tell You and Straight Men Won’t, by Daylle Deanna Schwartz.
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A Michael Hall and Robert J. Huntley film

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5 thoughts on “On Marriage & Having Kids

  1. Better yet, if you …
    Better yet, if you want to have a kid, ADOPT! The world is overpopulated and resources are becoming scarce, there are millions of kids who need adopting… why is it necessary to share dna with the child you raise? It doesn’t make you any less their parent if you aren’t biologically related. Isn’t it better to love already-existing children than to create more?

  2. OMG have i dun …
    OMG have i dun wrong then iv been cin this bloke nw 4 about only three weeks.. but lst week i told im i care about him (nt LOVE or anyfin lyk that) do u think it was 2 soon!?! PPLZ REPLY 2 DISS MESS!

  3. i think i seen that …
    i think i seen that guy with the glasses on GAY USA, free speech tv

  4. Okay I disagree (as …
    Okay I disagree (as a gay man). Having a child isn’t just about picking up a cabbage patch kid off the shelf and raising it yourself. Marriage is a special bond, and having a child in that marriage takes it to a more serious step — when you have a child to raise TOGETHER. Sure you can get divorced, but marriage has always been sacred for a reason — as it is a serious life change. C’mon gay guys, don’t be so shallow and materialistic.

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