Women need love and men need space

marriage advice from someone who has had lots of bad relationships

Duration : 0:6:52

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25 thoughts on “Women need love and men need space

  1. hilarious..now it …
    hilarious..now it all makes sense..!..wel seems like experiance has taught him alot!

  2. Regarding the cat.. …
    Regarding the cat..i think thats how women behave…i wonder why you made this tube is it because you are looking for a number of wives?

  3. 1st time ; he said …
    1st time ; he said “let me see” then kiss the finger i cut
    2nd time ; saw the cut and said “take care honey”
    3rd time ; “take care next time”
    4th time ; “good! cut everything! i told u t o take care!!”
    5th time ; didnt say anytin
    6th time ; shoke his head and said “laa haula wa laa quwwata illa billah” (i have no power accept with Allah’s help)

  4. MAsha Allah!!! you …
    MAsha Allah!!! you are great brother very funny!! i love it, hey is true men is like a cat when get angry !!!

  5. “islam is the …
    “islam is the solution”…yes thats right ….but i want to ask a question ..are you a member in the “muslim brothers”?? …they always say that. : )

  6. lol thank u for ur …
    lol thank u for ur advices , ^^ yes islam is the solution , thank u allah for ur guidance

  7. i like thses …
    i like thses advices !!
    i think it will help me in the future insha Allah !!

    ireally agree with that speace thing with men coz with my brothers i do this i know when hes angry he wont be nice with me so i should give him speace to be nice agian then i let him do anything by soft wrods !

    thank 4 this nice vid

  8. Assalam alaykum …
    Assalam alaykum brother, this really made me laugh! Thanks for your videos!

  9. salamalecu good job …
    salamalecu good job man!:D also good said: “Women need love and men need space”, u right! i mean not all of them but most of the men they do!;) well done do more vids! check my singing vids also:))):D

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