Why do black women hate interracial relationships involving black men and white women? (read details)?

I don’t get it. Some African American women claim to hate black men; but then tend to have a problem when it comes to interracial relationships involving black men. I’d imagine that if you resent someone, you should have no disregard or interest in what they do. This applies to most unattractive black women. I have noticed that the attractive ones usually just don’t date black men as a whole; due to some social status or superiority complex they think they have to obtain, from other races. Normally, white men. I’ve also noticed dating for black women, goes by level of attraction. If you are attractive, usually you date white men. If you are unattractive, you usually date black men. So why is it, that black women have a problem with black men in interracial relationships? It can’t be that black men are their only options, because a lot of black women date white men. It also can’t be because of jealousy, considering unattractive black women, pull the most attractive black men. So I am very discombobulated. Why exactly do they mind interracial relationships, if they win both ways?
Yes, I am black; but I talk about things, in the exact. Meaning, how it is, is how its portrayed. Nothing I said was offensive, it was all true. Sorry if I did offend someone; but chances are, the only way for it to offend you is if it applied to you.
You are right. I don’t need to be offended to recognize idiocy. Is that why I’m not offended and am talking to an idiot?(you). I find it very funny, how people like you have time, to rant on what others say. To me the real troll is you. If you don’t have anything good to say, please don’t answer. I’m not a friend of yours, so don’t mistake my kindness for weakness. please don’t. for the good of you. I am so different than what I am online. You will be quickly disilliusioned. With that being said, I am still crious in regards to your compliment which stated; something along the liens of not being black. Please clarify. Thank you.

Many of my friends who are black tell me that they see white women taking the black men away from black women. My neighbor (black) told me that white women are easier to control and will take the crap that many black women will not. Another black friend who is female told me that she will not date a white person because she feels that it degrades both races. Many blacks see interracial marriage as "sleeping the master" because it goes back to the days of slavery when this did happen. It really does not matter the color of some person’s skin, it is if the two in the relationship truly love each other.

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  1. I am a black woman. I don’t hate interracial relationships. I don’t hate black men. I think people should date/marry whoever they want. What I do hate is stereotyping groups of people.
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  2. You can’t be black to actually believe a word you just typed.

    I don’t need to be offended to recognize idiocy, which does apply to you. Troll fail.
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  3. Many of my friends who are black tell me that they see white women taking the black men away from black women. My neighbor (black) told me that white women are easier to control and will take the crap that many black women will not. Another black friend who is female told me that she will not date a white person because she feels that it degrades both races. Many blacks see interracial marriage as "sleeping the master" because it goes back to the days of slavery when this did happen. It really does not matter the color of some person’s skin, it is if the two in the relationship truly love each other.
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  4. All that black woman jealously stuff is so overblown. Lots of black women have no issues with interracial dating.

    We launched a blog recently, Racy JC. It focuses on dating within different races and cultures (Asian, Black, Indian, Jewish, Latino, among others) and approaches these issues in a new, honest, real, and non-PC way. Please check it out!

    social media: jcdaviesauthor

    And never forget intercultural dating is great and you can do it! Racy JC

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  6. mikerc said in September 1st, 2010 at 10:10 am
    Most interracial couples are black man/white woman. Thats what bothers me as a white man.

    i agree with that sentiment as a black woman. there is just a sad look to most black man/white woman couples…its almost like they get together bcuz nobody else wants them. economically speaking, and at least this was true a few years back, black men and white women both were at the bottom of the totem pole when it came to climbing the corporate ladder, with white males at the top, and black women a close second. i remember reading that and thinking, maybe their draw to one another is a sorta bond between the two weakest groups in society. i mean, think of the strength and dominance of white men and black women…furthermore, i sincerely hope that white females who attract those kind of black males do not kid themselves into thinking it is based on looks alone. i would even venture to say that most black man/white women couples (most, not all), are pretty hard on the eyes…but maybe they find comfort in that too…sorta like a “well nobody thought we were good lookin till we met each other” bond. i kinda think that if i were a white woman who attracted the attention of a certain type of black male frequently, i’d (how do i say this), get a makeover and go on a diet. im sorry i could be wrong. but when me n my hubby discuss it, this is usually what we come up with. and we discuss it cuz u see so much of it where we live in arizona. PS the most (more) attractive men of the black race are with black women…cause they can get the cream of the crop…and would never settle for someone that would get them docked a few points, so to speak. as for seal, dennis rodman, charles barkley…we (black women) could care less as long as the will smith’s, jayz’s, denzels, obama type men prefer black women, who cares what the others do.

  7. Sometimes I can’t help but laugh about this subject because this is 2011 and it seems like we can’t get past looking at the color of a person’s skin. Not to say that our roots aren’t important but when we are talking about how people are viewed and treated in society we all need to be colorblind. As far as thinking that the most attractive black men only date black women isn’t the truth – I have seen many amazingly attractive black men with white, asian, hispanic, indian women as well. My fiance is from Ghana, West Africa and he is extremely attractive not just from my viewpoint but I have plenty of black and white women comment on his looks and I am far from being an unattractive white woman. Also he is an educated black man.

    You want to know what I think? I am going to tell you anyways. People need to get a life and stop worrying about what everyone’s personal choices in life consist of. There are so many more important matters in this world than how I supposibly stole someone’s man. He’s my man – a wonderful man whom God blessed me with. Some women feel rejected when a black man dates a white woman. Why? Woman all over the world – of all sorts of different shades of skin get rejected by men of different colors of skin. I can’t even count on two hands how many times I have been rejected by a man of my race. Do I even care or pay attention to the color of skin of the women a white man dates – nope I could care less. So should women get offended every time we see a man dating another man? For the most part being gay has became acceptable in society. So why is interracial dating still an issue?

    I love my man. I am not marrying him for the color of his skin; or cause I might ruffle someone’s feathers; or that he may be hung better than a white man; or whatever other stereotype that goes along with why a white woman would date a black man and vise versa. Lets dispell the whole white woman is weaker than a black woman and will put up with crap that black women won’t. That statement is a bunch of horse crap. I have plenty of black women friends and they put up with their men’s crap constantly. I think that whether a woman will stand up for herself has nothing to do with the color of your skin. Before my African fiance and I started dating he knew that I expect a certain character out of my man (regardless of his skin color — or mine for that matter!). If my man doesn’t walk the line whether he’s white, black, red, yellow or green – the phrase don’t let the door hit you in the booty rings a bell.

  8. I beleive Black men date white women because they seek a different type of relationship then the normal/common relationship between a Black man and a Black woman. Most often, He wasn’t the kind of Black guy that very attractive Black women would notice, when he didn’t have money, and when he finally got paid, he believed he was showing everybody that now he can have who/what ever he wants. I resented those Black men for rejecting tradition. However, I have matured and now I see those same Black men in court, paying Alimony, Child Support, jail time for spousal abuse, walking minature poodles, etc…. and I say to myself, that is his version of happiness. The thing I find offensive is the white woman tries to act like the stereotypical Black women, because she believes she has a black pass(get the f… out of here, she could never be a Sista, you have to be born a Sista). I alway see those same Black men looking at me for some type of acknowledgement or acceptance, now they recognize my beauty, my God given curves, my rich-soulful personality. I avoid direct eye contact, I can’t let him see my smirk, secretly laughing because He seems emotionally worn and castrated. He was a warrior, now he appears as a shell of who he once was. I say to myself, well at least he is happy. I understand completely were he was coming from. I avoid the Black men who act like a fictional character from boys in the hood, I want no parts of trying to live a stereotype either, or nobody looking for a handout or hand-up. I date all races, be good to me and I’ll be great to you..I just don’t want to end up as a shell.

  9. When you look to other people for acceptance, you set yourself up for failure. I find it ackward, and strange when a person is seeking my acceptance about how they live their live. I can honestly say, I love me and when I am with someone I care about, it does not matter how OTHER people feel about it. My focus is on me and my man. I personally ignore Black man with a white women, green women, purple, blue, aqua etc…simply because I do not know him. I do notice those Black men want my attention like we are some kind of kindred spirits. I find that so frustrating, I always want to say “what is wrong with you, I am not your mother,” he doesn’t need my acceptance…keep in mind, he is with a women. People have passed judgement on other people since the begining of time, something tells me that is probably not going to change. Some people are vocal about their opinions and others aren’t. Some people will say that hairstyle is pretty and others will say what happened to your hair. All people, which does include Black men, have every right to marry whom ever they want to. However, it is unrealistic to think that everybody in the world will like his decision and not have a opinion about it. For the Black women who voice their opinion about a black man marring anybody outside of his race, it’s because they can and those women realize that relationships are like bricks. They know the outcome of chipping away at the bricks. The real question is why would anyone care about why Black women seem angered, unless you are married to that angry Black woman. I thought the goal was your happiness. I am a Black woman, when I am on a date with a white man, white women make it very clear they do not like it, Black men try to intimidate him. I love me, if a man is good to me, then I am great to him, thats all that counts.

  10. I’ve heard the whole social standing w/ white women & black men both being @ the bottom, that’s where the disconnect is! U don’t have 2 b smart or successful 2 b a great mother, loving passionate wife & finically responsibly. Bigg ups ! 2 black women who r strong & successful, but that’s not what men look 4. That’s the problem, black women c their biggest strength is irrelevant 2 most black women. White women know a man values a lady, that passion & sex is a huge motivator as well as how u support & up lift your man. Their education & money is more important 2 their own personal life & not as important as chemistry & appearance. I’m not telling black women 2 change their approach, but I can say black men aren’t changing! I can make my own cheese, I wanna feel like I’m lucky 2 have this person & I want the feeling 2 b mutual regardless of color!

  11. It really boils down to personal preference. However, white women in particular tend to fall into peer pressure and being with and doing as ‘the group’ as a means of not being left out. White women are by far the more social beings, in comparison to white men, black women and black men.

    White women are not leaders, they’re followers in society. Black men, are right behind them. Black men are usually the most lazy and less ambitious of the group.

    Whereas white men followed by black women are the most ambitious of the group, however in terms of being attracted, white men are least attracted to black women of all races, and vise versa with black women… with the exception of Asians. Black women are not in the least bit attracted to Asians, and also white women are not attracted to Asians either.

    White men and also black men are attracted to Asian women; especially white men. Asian women love with men too, whereas not so often black men.

    It just so happens, in terms of being attracted to, and social/culture backgrounds, black men and white women seem to be a natural fit, mostly b/c it’s considered taboo.

    People are highly interested and get satisifaction from things that are taboo. It’s part of the mystery and ‘unknown’ that puts them together. It’s just like teenagers rebelling against their parents… it just seems like the ‘cool’ thing to do.

    Many white women seek black men b/c all their lives they’ve been told that’s not right, or taboo. Black men are attracted to white women for a lot of the same reasons, but more-so because white women are sexual freaks and black men like to get their fu*k on, and I’m not trying to be racist, but most black men, regardless of their attractiveness, will pretty much stick their cawk into just about anything that moves, or has holes in it LOL.

    White men are sexual creatures too… (all men are), but white men are more selective of who they want to get their fu*k on with. It’s a lot to do with culture, and simply the make-up of white men VS black men.

    Black men are constantly hearing from black women, or their parents “don’t date white women, stick to your own kind” … and white women are always hearing the same, and getting so much resentment (like as black men are from black women) from white men telling or calling white women they’re a slut, etc for degrading themselves to a black man.

    People, naturally enjoy drama… and if someone tells someone they shouldn’t do something, then just by human nature they’re going to just do it… if not do it, they’re going to comtemplate it in their minds over and over until they finally just give in and do it.

    White women in their groups hear and/or see other white female friends with their black men… and you hear them say “girl, you have to try a black guy” … “yeah girl, they are so cool!” …

    Well, women, white women in particular enjoy being treated like shit, and like sex slaves… they certainly wont admit to such a thing… and in their own mind, they don’t believe it… but subconsciencely they do.

    It dates back to thousands of years ago… women do not want to be on control, they want to be submissive and unfortunately not many white men will treat women like shit, whereas black men do. Therefore, white women seek black men.

    If you smack a woman… in a sick and twisted way, she feels like you’re dominating her, and by your domination over her, she feels protected.

    In today’s society it’s evolved from the ‘protection’ element, into the “damn, I’m not in control anymore like I was with my weak ass ex (white) husband… now, I’m with a real man who’s controlling me! Again, they’re not going to come out and admit that… but again, subconsciencely that’s what they’re seeking.

    It’s a damn shame our society has evolved into a world where women who rather be treated like dogs instead of being respected and treated like queen. Women don’t want to be respected… they don’t want flowers, etc. they want a man that will treat them like dogshit.

    Sad sad sad… at least black women won’t put up with that bullshit. They actually respect themselves. I’m personally not physically attracted to black women… but personality and respectful wise, hell yeah I respect and appreciate the hell out of them.

    If a black women is sick and fed up with black men dating white women, and they seek a white man b/c they’ll treat her the way a real woman should be treated, then hell yeah, you go girl.

    White women… need to stop being such damn sluts and step their game up.

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