WHY do women go after men in relationships?

Whenever a man is in a relationship women are all over him – Female friends and friends of his gf.

THEN when he’s single again – these SAME women stop trying to get him into bed.

Why are women so underhanded? Why do they do this to their own female friends and go behind their backs like this?

Give it a rest, mate! Get therapy! You’re not getting dates because you’re bitter and you spend all your time on Yahoo Answers dumping on women.

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  1. Well I think that’s mostly a stereotype, but when it does occur, I think people usually go for other people in relationships because it hints to them having desirable qualities. If someone is single, it makes you wonder if something is wrong with them, or why they are single.

    As far as being crappy friends, I think everyone is at fault for that. Sometimes it’s just based on competition, especially if you are not genuine friends. The women I know and am friends with don’t go around backstabbing and stealing each others boyfriends.
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  2. Not all or even most women do this but the ones that do do it because its a challenge and its scandalous. They feel like because they are women, no one will care and will blame it all on the guy, so they feel like they have nothing to lose.
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  3. When a guy is introduced to his friends attractive girlfriend/wife, he thinks "man, someday I’ma get me a woman like her". When a woman is introduced to her attractive female friends boyfriend/husband, she wants him and wants to kill her friend. Women are cold little beaches.
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  4. Give it a rest, mate! Get therapy! You’re not getting dates because you’re bitter and you spend all your time on Yahoo Answers dumping on women.
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  5. If you want a scientific answer (which I doubt, since you posted your question on Y!A), here is the closest thing:


    …A new study provides evidence for what many have long suspected: that single women are much keener on pursuing a man who’s already taken than a singleton.

    "The single women really, really liked the guy when he was taken," says Melissa Burkley of Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, who conducted the "mate-poaching" study with her colleague Jessica Parker…

    …Burkley and Parker speculate that single women may be more drawn to attached men because they’ve already been "pre-screened" by other women and found to be satisfactory as a mate, whereas single men are more of an unknown quantity.

    Burkely said that similar mate-poaching strategies have been reported in birds and fish. But previous studies of people had only asked whether participants found other potential partners attractive, so she designed hers to specifically probe whether participants would pursue a relationship.

    "The next question is why," says Burkley. So in further studies, she plans to further explore women’s motives for pursuing "taken" partners. Apart from the explanation of "pre-screening", another possibility, she says, is that in US society, women are socialised to be competitive, so they derive self-esteem by mate poaching from rival women.

    Other researchers say the study provides interesting insights into mate poaching. "It tells us something about the role of social desirability in mate preference," says Fhionna Moore of the University of Abertay Dundee, UK, whose own research has shown that richer women are more choosy about mates.

    Journal reference: Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, DOI: 10.1016/j.jesp.2009.04.022
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  6. I’ve experienced the same thing. When I’m single I can’t get a date but when I’m in a relationship or have a functioning booty-call list, women won’t leave me alone.

    When I’m in a relationship I smile more, I’m more social, I walk around with a swagger, because I’m getting sex regularly I don’t have that aura of desperation like this is my only chance to get some, my clothes are ironed and stylish because she usually picks them, she picks the cologne she likes to smell on me, etc.

    I guess the answer to your question is, it’s not that women are deliberately going after taken men, it’s that men in relationships are more likely than single men to display traits that women find attractive.
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  7. men do the same thing, duh.

    nobody notices cheryl in the school. until one of the boys in my class likes her, his friends, about 15 persons started to like her as well.
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