Relationship Trust Building Advice For Men Who’ve Cheat Relationship advice for any man who wants to rebuild trust after he’s cheated on his wife or had an affair. Practical tips for men who want their wives or girlfriends to trust them again.

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Relationships: Don’t date married men



I know it’s easy to bag on women that men have affairs with, but it’s mostly the man to blame. In this video I talk about how it hurts to be the other woman.

If you know someone who is dating someone who’s married or has a girlfriend, I hope you will pass this video on to her.

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Marriage Advice: Divorce Busting 101 – Relationship Goals

Get quality marriage advice from international best selling author, Michele Weiner Davis. In this Divorce Busting 101 video, Michele explains the value of setting relationship goals. By having a greater vision for the direction you’d like your relationship to head, you lay the foundation to save your marriage.

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Do you want a better relationship? If you do you have to set relationship goals. Why? Because if you aim at nothing, youll hit it every time. When i talk to couples about setting relationship goals, they think about new years eve and they say I set goals on new years eve. But what are those goals for? Theyre for eating less, exercising more, quitting drinking or quitting smoking. Think about it, what do all of those goals have in common? Theyre personal goals, theyre not relationship goals. And so today Im going to help you really identify what you need to do differently to set solution oriented relationship goals- goals that contain within them the seeds for solution.

There are 3 criteria.

The first one is that you have to state your goals positively. People generally dont do that. When I ask couples in my practice, what are you hoping to change about your relationship? What do you want to improve? Generally they want to talk about theyre unhappy about. Theyll say, I wish my husband wasnt so critical. I wish my wife werent such a nag. Those are not goals those are complaints. Lets turn them into positively stated goals.

Back to the wife who says I wish my husband werent so critical. I would ask her, when he stops being so critical, what will he be doing differently? And shell say something like, I wish he would compliment me more,, if he just thanked me once in a while for making great meals or, if he told me I looked really hot, Id really know were on the right track. Thats a great difference because if she thinks that her goal is I wish my husband were less critical, shell go home, looking for him to be critical, counting it, and hoping its fewer times. On the other hand if she goes home saying I hope that hes more complimentary and she looks for him being more complimentary, saying nicer things, thats going to instantly change the dynamics of their relationship. Get it?

Criteria number two…read the rest at…

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How to Handle Conflict with your Husband

Advice on how to handle a fight with your spouse from love coach Victorya Rogers as guest on the “Her Victory” show with co-hosts Jennifer Crow and Barb Swanson

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Why Do Women & Men Cheat (Marriage /Relationships/Boyfriend-Girlfriend)?

Bryan Parker was born in Philadelphia Mississippi but currently lives in the City of Compton California [since the age of two]. He attended Emerson Elementary, Roosevelt Middle and Dominguez High Schools in Compton. He has obtained a Certificate of Completion in Child Development Teacher Private License Preschool-Bilingual/Bicultural Education (Los Angeles Southwest College); Certificate of Achievement in Recreation Leadership and an Associates in Science Degree with High Honor in General Education (Compton Community College & El Camino College[Dean’s List]); double majored with Bachelor of Arts Degrees in Psychology and Recreation & Leisure Studies – General Recreation Administration, with a monor in Philosophy (California State University, Dominguez Hills) and is currently studying Marital and Family Therapy.

Why Do Women/Men Cheat (Marriage /Relationships/Boyfriend-Girlfriend)?

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